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Nils Harald Sødal

Adjunct Professor

Nils Harald Sødal started out in his position as Professor II at the University of Agder in January 2021. He was born in Kristiansand, but left for Oslo at the age of 19 to study at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Here Sødal sang with Gunnar Martinsen, Aase Nordmo Løvberg and Svein Bjørkøy. In addition, he took classes with Oren Brown and Susanna Eken.

“I remember that the atmosphere was quite polarized when it came to the question of what was good singing technique. Different groups operated almost as small religious communities where everyone claimed to have grasped the Truth with a capital T. Even today, there are sharp dividing lines between different singing schools.

That's why I always say to my students: Pick a little from here and a little from there and listen mostly to yourself. No one can claim to be in possession of the full and complete truth. The most important thing for a young singer and musician is to ask: What works best for me?

It is all about taking ownership of one's own development and of one's own creative power. When it comes to practicing art, nothing trumps our personal fingerprint.”

After a few years in Oslo, Sødal made his debut with a small role at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet, where he eventually became a permanent soloist. Before this Sødal visited a number of major opera houses abroad, like Semperoper in Dresden.

In Norway he has sung with all the professional symphony orchestras and have been a soloist at the Bergen Festival, Oslo Chamber Music Festival and Risør Chamber Music Festival. Sødal has also been associated with various theatres, including Det Norske Teater.

In 2021, Sødal completed his PhD in performance psychology at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO). In collaboration with Olympiatoppen he explored mental and psychological factors connected to performing under pressure. Based on this work, he has been teaching at the Academy of Opera, Academy of Theatre, Academy of Dance, The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre and Barratt Due.

In addition, Sødal run courses and lectures within various performance environments in culture, media, academia, public sector and business, ranging from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Care Services, Talent Norge, Olympiatoppen, Norwegian School of Sport Science and the Norwegian Opera & Ballet.

Sødal have also been a member of several audition committees and have been exam sensor at the Academy of Opera.

Nils Harald Sødal have published three fiction novels and have contributed to several CD recordings, especially in relation to contemporary music. Over the years he has received some small prizes, in addition to a scholarship from the main partners of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and a two-year Work Scholarship from Kulturrådet.



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