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Mary Elizabeth Barker


Scientific publications

  • Medin, Anine Christine; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Helle, Christine; Helland, Sissel Heidi; Wills, Andrew Keith; Osorio, Natalie Garzon; Lian, Henrik; Iveland Ersfjord, Torunn; van Daele, Wim; Bjørkkjær, Tormod; Valen, Erlend Larsen; Gebremariam, Mekdes; Grasaas, Erik; Kiland, Charlotte; von Thiele Schwarz, Ulrica; Hope Abel, Marianne; Love, Penny; Campbell, Karen; Rutter, Harry; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord; Øverby, Nina Cecilie (2024). Scaling up evidence-based digital early life nutrition interventions in a county setting: an implementation trial – protocol for Phase 2 of the Nutrition Now project. Frontiers in Public Health. ISSN: 2296-2565. 11doi:10.3389/fpubh.2023.1326787.
  • Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord; Helland, Sissel Heidi; Helle, Christine; Wills, Andrew Keith; Lamu, Admassu Nadew; Osorio, Natalie Garzon; Lian, Henrik; Ersfjord, Torunn; Van Daele, Wim; Bjørkkjær, Tormod; Valen, Erlend Larsen; Gebremariam, Mekdes; Grasaas, Erik; Kiland, Charlotte; Schwarz, Ulrica Von Thiele; Abel, Marianne Hope; Love, Penny; Campbell, Karen; Rutter, Harald Roderick; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Medin, Anine Christine (2023). Evaluating the effectiveness and implementation of evidence-based early-life nutrition interventions in a community setting a hybrid type 1 non-randomized trial – the Nutrition Now project protocol. Frontiers in Endocrinology. ISSN: 1664-2392. 13doi:10.3389/fendo.2022.1071489.
  • Valen, Erlend Nuland; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Hardy-Johnson, Polly; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Salvesen, Lorentz; Omholt, Mona Linge; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord (2023). Lessons learned from talking with adults about nutrition: A qualitative study in the PREPARED project. Maternal & Child Nutrition. ISSN: 1740-8695. doi:10.1111/mcn.13540.
  • Valand, Ida Ulrikke; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Strömmer, Sofia; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Bjornes, Camilla; Nordli, Julie; Pettersen, Line; Bjørkkjær, Tormod; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Kiland, Charlotte; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord (2022). “It is really just brilliant to get credits for something that is so important to you!” Skills for Life: University students’ perceptions of a planned dietary life skills course. PLOS ONE. ISSN: 1932-6203. 17 (4). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0260890.
  • Illøkken, Kristine Engebretsen; Johannessen, Berit; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Hardy-Johnson, Polly; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård (2021). Free school meals as an opportunity to target social equality, healthy eating, and school functioning: experiences from students and teachers in Norway. Food & Nutrition Research (FNR). ISSN: 1654-6628. 65doi:10.29219/fnr.v65.7702.
  • Helland, Sissel Heidi; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Blomkvist, Eli Anne Myrvoll; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord; Strømmer, Sofia; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Bjørkkjær, Tormod (2021). Wow! They really like celeriac! Kindergarten teachers' experiences of an intervention to increase 1-year-olds' acceptance of vegetables. Appetite. ISSN: 0195-6663. 166doi:10.1016/j.appet.2021.105581.

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