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Marianne Sjuls

Assistant Professor


IU019 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Registered Nurse from the University of Agder, specializing in Intensive Care Nursing. Marianne has work experience in specialised health services from pediatric and intensive care units, and has worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Agder since 2016. She started in 2021 as a doctoral candidate in the research project "Fathers and Pediatric Palliative Care."

  • Master's degree in specialized nursing, Major in intensive care nursing.
  • Teaches in both bachelor's and master's programs.
  • Course coordinator for SY-121, SY-124: Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry.
  • Ph.D. student since spring 2021 with the theme "fathers in pediatric palliative care."
  • Interest in social media. Started "AnatomUiA" - an Instagram account with scientific content from UiA with Ann Kristin Nygård and teaching assistants.

Research interests

Academic interests

Intensive Care Nursing

Pediatric Palliative Care

Family Centred Care/Nursing

Communication/General Outreach

First Aid, CPR, and Advanced Heart Life Support (AHLR)

Selected publications

Sjuls, Marianne; Johannessen, Berit (2015). Foreldres opplevelser i intensivavdelingen. Sykepleien Forskning. ISSN: 1890-2936. (3). s 248 - 255. doi:10.4220/Sykepleienf.2015.55027.

Sjuls, M., Ludvigsen, M. S., Robstad, N., & Fegran, L.. (2023). Fathers' experiences of living with a child with a progressive life‐limiting condition without curative treatment options: A qualitative systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing. https://doi.org/10.1111/jan.15884

Scientific publications

  • Sjuls, Marianne (2023). Fathers experiences of having a child with a progressive life limiting disease without curative treatment options.
  • Sjuls, Marianne; Nygård, Ann Kristin (2022). AnatomUiA - læring på Instagram.
  • Sjuls, Marianne (2022). Fathering children with a progresseive life-limiting condition in pediatric palliative care - a meta-synthesis.
  • Sjuls, Marianne; Nygård, Ann Kristin (2021). Presentasjon av AnatomUiA på konferanse i videoformat.
  • Nygård, Ann Kristin; Sjuls, Marianne (2020). AnatomUiA - Instagramkonto.

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