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Laura Toxværd

PhD Programme Art in Context (Music)

G3042 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Laura Toxværd (b. 1977). Saxophonist and composer. Has toured with her music in Europe and North America. Albums with own compositions and publications with graphic scores released since 2002. 2009-2011 awarded the Danish Arts Foundation's 3-year work grant. Has in recent years taught and examined at the Danish music conservatories and conducted artistic research as a lecturer at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Cph.

Research interests

2019-2022: PhD project

2015-2016: Artistic research project "Composition of graphic and sonic works through the improvisers' co-creation" (conducted as a lecturer at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in the auspices of the Ministry of Culture Denmark's artistic research programme)

2013: Master's thesis "Processes of ensemble playing - a hermeneutical study as a contribution to the understanding of the phenomenology of musical ensemble playing" (Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark)

Courses and teaching

Employment as a teacher at music conservatories:

2018- The Royal Academy of Music, Denmark (ensemble)

2017- The Danish National Academy of Music (saxophone, teaching practice, and exam leader)

2014-2020 The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Denmark (composition, Bachelor and Master project, teaching practice, ensemble, graphic notation, cross-artistic and international project weeks and censor/exam leader in composition, Bachelor and Master project and to auditions for the Master programme in Music Performance)

Work experience

Selected work experience in addition to teaching at music conservatories:

2020-2024 Externally appointed censor at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Denmark

2018-2020 Board member of JazzDanmark

2017-2018 Member of the council of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen; elected by the teachers and paticipation in the diversity committee

2016 Artistic research adviser and preparing of an artistic research festival at The Royal Danish Academy of Music

2015-2016 Lecturer, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen

2013-2015 Chairwoman of the Board of ILK - indie record label run by artists

Selected publications


2016 "Komposition af grafiske og soniske værker gennem improvisatorers medskabelse". In Kunstnerisk udviklingsvirksomhed – antologi 2016 (ed. Haugland) Frederiksberg: The Royal Danish Academy of Music

2014 "Processer i sammenspil" In Nordic Research in Music Education Yearbook Vol. 15 . Oslo: NMH-publikasjoner

International publications of books and scores:

2016 Book: Laura Toxværd Compositions – 18 Graphic Scores. Hellerup: Forlaget Spring

2016/2004 Scores: "Androidangle", "Barking", "Fishbone", "Navigation", "Kaglekahyt". Frederiksberg: Edition S

2009 Book anthology: Notations21 (ed. Sauer) "Cacklecabin"New York City: Mark Batty Publisher

International album releases with my own musical works:

2020 Calling Laura Toxvaerd, Maria Faust, Jacob Anderskov. New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings (CD/digital)

2019 Drapery Laura Toxvaerd, Marilyn Mazur, Peter Friis Nielsen, Gustaf Ljunggren. ILK (LP/digital)

2019 Tidens Strøm Laura Toxvaerd, Maria Laurette Friis, Kalle Moberg, Kristian Tangvik, Kresten Osgood. ILK (LP/digital)

2016 Pladeshop Laura Toxvaerd, Simon Toldam, Marilyn Mazur. ILK (LP/digital)

2016 Laura Toxvaerd Compositions Part 1 Feat. Carsten Dahl, Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard. ILK (LP/digital)

2016 Laura Toxvaerd Compositions Part 2 with Dødens Garderobe. ILK (LP/digital)

2015 Dødens Garderobe Julealbum "Bluebells". SoundCloud (digital)

2014 The Little Flipping Bird Band Laura Toxvaerd, P. Jacquemyn, P.O.Jørgens. NWM (CD)

2013 Celebrating 10 years compilation "Center". ILK (digital)

2012 Phone Book Laura Toxvaerd, Jacob Anderskov. ILK (CD/digital)

2010 9 Names from Denmark Compilation Track 14-18. Danish Arts Foundation (CD)

2010 D D Laura Toxvaerd, Frederik Thaae, Mikkel Gemzøe. ILK (CD/digital)

2009 The Wire Tapper compilation "Spine Side". The Wire (CD/digital)

2007 Laura Toxvaerd No. 1. ILK (CD/digital)

2002 On Top of your Head (John Tchicai a.o.) NWM (CD)

General outreach

Peer-reviewed presentations at research conferences: 

2016 "Doctors in Performance" Royal Irish Academy of Music

2015 "Unfolding the Process" The Arne Norheim Centre for Artistic Research in Music, Norwegian Academy of Music

Presentations and other assignments at research conferences:

2021 "GENUS conference" (moderator) The Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg

2016 "KUV Festival" (co-arranger, panelist and presentation) The Royal Danish Academy of Music

2016 "Musikpædagogik – opgaver og udfordringer" (presentation) Aarhus University

2015 "KUV Seminar" (presentation) The network/Ministry of Culture Denmark


Research groups

In social media

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