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G3042 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Helene Waage is a Research Fellow at the PhD programme Art in context at the Faculty for Fine Arts, UiA. She explores how persons with dementia and their relatives can use co-singing as an integrated part of communication and interaction in their daily life, based on their own experiences with singing throughout their lives. The PhD-project is inspired by posthuman and new-materialist theory and philosophy, and theories connected to neuropsychology and neuroscience.

Helene has a long career as a freelance musician in folk music-related and interdisciplinary projects. She has also worked as a therapeutic musician and course leader, especially within elderly and dementia care. 


Research interests

Helene Waage is a member of the UiA research group Art and social relations.

Courses and teaching

2016-2019: 20 % engagement at the Norwegian Resource Centre for Arts and Health (Nord University) as a subject supervisor and lecturer in the educational programme Music-based Caregiving.

Sporadic: Cello classes, e.g. at The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), the Norwegian folk music programme

Sporadic: Playing-by-ear Gypsy music seminars for youngsters, with Gjertrud`s Gypsy Orchestra. 

Work experience

Since 1989: Working experience as a versatile freelance musician (cello, singing, celtic harp), especially in folk music related projects, e.g. Gjertrud`s Sigøynerorkester and the folk trio Glima

Since 2010: Also, as a therapeutic musician within the elder- and dementia care setting

2003-2007: 75 % position as the head of the Culture school of Sauherad commune

2011-2019: 20 % position as a therapeutic musician at a day ward for older adults in Bamble commune

Selected publications


Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester (Økland, G., Reiss, G., Karlsrud, T., Thorstensen, P., Villa, T., Waage, H., Bangó, E.) & Johansen, B.S. (2017). På reis, på reis [CD]. Lærdal musikkproduksjon.

Glima (Rue, T.R., Knudsen R.R. & Waage, H.) (2016). Ljose-Signe [CD]. Oslo: NORCD.

Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester & Kallai Kiss jr., E. (2012). Nordisk sigøyner [CD]. Lærdal musikkproduksjon.

Gjertruds Gypsy Orchestra & Asheim, N.H. (2010). Mazurka: Remaking Chopin [CD]. Oslo: Lawo

Glima. (2009). Tårån [CD]. Oslo: NORCD.

Gjertruds sigøynerorkester, Kahan B. & Akselsen, E. (2004). Jeg er på vandring [CD]. Lærdal musikkproduksjon.

Furholt, R., Waage, H. & Solberg, L. (2001). På alle strengjer [CD]. Lærdal musikkproduksjon.

Glima. (2001). Glima [CD]. Lærdal musikkproduksjon.

Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester. (1996). Gjertruds sigøynerorkester [CD]. Lærdal musikkproduksjon.

Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester, Kanic, V., Økland, T. & Danikovic, V. (1992). Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester med gjester [CD]. Oslo: Victoria.

Rukaren (Bitustøyl, K., Foss, H., Waage, H. & Skjeldal, O.H.) (1992/2011). Tradisjonelt villspel [MC/CD]. Notodden: Rukaren.

Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester & Kahan, B. (1991/1992). Jiddischkeit  [MC/CD]. Oslo: Victoria.

Scientific publications:

Waage, H. (1995). Mikrotonalitet og hørelære med utgangspunkt i norsk musikk [Hovedfagsoppgave]. Universitetet i Oslo.

General outreach

Conference presentations:

Waage, H. (2021, june). Diffracting Stroll & troll: Multiple perspectives on co-singing walks in families living with dementia. Presentation at Grieg Research School Conference. 

Waage, H. & Homdrum, K. (2018, May). Music-based caregiving for persons with dementia in nursing homes. Presentation at Nordic arts and health conference. Malmö.

Waage, H. (2017, October). Mikrotonalitet og hørerlære. Presentation at Folkesongforum 2017. Oslo. 

Waage, H. (2011, August). Overtones. Presentation at International Harp Therapy Conference. Werkhoven.

Scientific publications

  • Waage, Helene (2022). Co-singing in families living with dementia. Samsang gjennom livsløpet. ISBN: 9788202716356. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. Kapittel 12. s 327 - 353.


Research groups

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