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Hege Bergljot Wallevik

Associate Professor

H2002 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Haaland, Hanne; Lund, Rebecca Waters Boldsen; Magnussen, May-Linda; Wallevik, Hege (2022). Professorkvalifiseringens affektive økonomi. Styring, følelser og motstand. Kjønn og akademia: På vei mot BALANSE?. ISBN: 9788245044102. Fagbokforlaget. Kapitel 9. s 171 - 193.
  • Shults, Lee Michael; Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2021). Localizing Global Solidarity: Humanitarian Aid in Lesvos. Frontiers in Political Science. ISSN: 2673-3145. 3doi:10.3389/fpos.2021.690907.
  • Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege; Frydenlund, Erika; Padilla, Jose J (2020). Modelers and Ethnographers as Co-Creators of Knowledge: Do We Belong Together?. Proceedings of the International ISCRAM Conference. ISSN: 2411-3387. s 1113 - 1121.
  • Frydenlund, Erika; Padilla, Jose; Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2020). The Rise and Fall of Humanitarian Citizen Initiatives: A Simulation-Based Approach. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). ISSN: 0302-9743. 12268s 255 - 265. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-61255-9_25.
  • Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2019). Beyond Crisis Management? The role of Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity in humanitarian aid: the case of Lesvos. Third World Quarterly. ISSN: 0143-6597. 40 (10). s 1869 - 1983. doi:10.1080/01436597.2019.1656060.
  • Salimi, Khadijeh; Frydenlund, Erika; Padilla, Jose J; Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2019). How does humanitarianism spread? Modeling the origins of citizen initiatives through norm diffusion. Winter simulation conference : proceedings. ISSN: 0891-7736. 2018-Decembers 33 - 44. doi:10.1109/WSC.2018.8632287.
  • Salimi, Khadijeh; Frydenlund, Erika; Padilla, Jose J; Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2019). The role of elites in the diffusion of social norms of humanitarianism. Simulation Series. ISSN: 0735-9276. 51 (1). doi:10.23919/SpringSim.2019.8732925.
  • Magnussen, May-Linda; Lund, Rebecca Waters Bolden; Wallevik, Hege (2018). Et kjønnet rom for akademisk skriving. Den vitenskapelige publiseringens sosiale organisering, sett fra ståstedet til kvinnelige førsteamanuenser ved Universitetet i Agder. Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning. ISSN: 0809-6341. 42 (1-2). s 85 - 103. doi:10.18261/issn.1891-1781-2018-01-02-06.
  • Padilla, Jose J; Frydenlund, Erika; Wallevik, Hege; Haaland, Hanne (2018). Model co-creation from a modeler?s perspective: Lessons learned from the collaboration between ethnographers and modelers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). ISSN: 0302-9743. 10899 LNCSs 70 - 75. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-93372-6_8.
  • Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2017). Citizens as actors in the development field : the case of an accidental aid-agent’s activities in aid-land. Forum for Development Studies. ISSN: 0803-9410. 44 (2). s 203 - 222. doi:10.1080/08039410.2017.1305444.
  • Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2016). Comparative reflection. Applied social science research in a regional knowledge system. ISBN: 978-1-4724-8782-7. Routledge. 7. s 127 - 140.
  • Cruickshank, Jørn; Wallevik, Hege (2016). Power and knowledge. Applied social science research in a regional knowledge system. ISBN: 978-1-4724-8782-7. Routledge. 8. s 157 - 171.
  • Haaland, Hanne; Wallevik, Hege (2016). Reflections on Gender and Diversity in Cross-Cultural On-line Teaching. Kvinder, Køn og Forskning. ISSN: 0907-6182. 1doi:10.7146/kkf.v25i1.97068.
  • Baker, Jonathan David; Wallevik, Hege (2014). Changing Life Worlds and Contested Space: Seclusion Practices among the Iraqw of Northern Tanzania. Ordinary Violence and Social Change in Africa. ISBN: 978-90-04-27155-5. Brill Academic Publishers. Chapter. s 12 - 26.
  • Baker, Jonathan; Wallevik, Hege; Bouju, Jacky; de Bruijn, Mirjam (2007). Changing life worlds and contested space: A discussion of seclusion practices among the Iraqw of Northern Tanzania. Social Violence and Exclusion. LIT Verlag. faglig_bok_forlag. s 133 - 147.
  • Baker, Jonathan; Wallevik, Hege (2003). Poverty and Wealth at the Rural-Urban Interface: An Actor-Centred Perspective from Northern Tanzania. Environment & Urbanization. ISSN: 0956-2478. 15 (2). s 229 - 248.

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