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Håkon Øgaard

Assistant Professor

EU108 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Håkon Øgaard is an Assistant Professor  at the University of Agder. He has funtil recently been Head of the Universities Executive Program at the School of Business and Law.

Øgaard is a graduate from the National Teachers College for Business and Clerical Subjects where he focused on organizational development, organizational culture and marketing. His has studied board work at BI Norwegian Business School, and he holds certifications on several testing tools and as a performance coach.

Øgaard is a former Senior Researcher and Head of Department at Agderforskning (now part of NORCE), and has been a Deputy Rector and Teacher Manager at Varehandelens Høyskole (VH). While at Agderforskning and VH, Øgaard produced a series of R&D reports and also presented his research at national and international conferences.

Øgaard has been General Manager of several companies that work with managerial and organizational development, and has considerable experience in this field, both as a consultant and manager. He has led knowledge workers in colleges, research institutes and consultancy, and worked in sectors such as industry, banking, engineering, schools,  public enterprises and real estate.

Øgaard’s recent focus has been on communication and relationship training for management groups and teams, mentor matching and mentoring programs for Trainee Sør, NODE Eyde Women, Kristiansand Chamber of Commerce and Econa, as well as recruitment for Trainee Sør.

Øgaard is the organizer of "Ledertalkshow" in Kristiansand, where well-known Norwegian executives share their leadership strategies and experiences.

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