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E2073 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

In 2019-2023 I work 50 % as Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Humanities and Education. 

My own research in particular concerns visual, multimodal and digital communication; partly within and partly ouside of educational contexts.


Co-editor of the journal Visual Communication, SAGE.

Participant in research project "CritLit - Critical Literacy in a digital and global textual world", led by the University of Southern Noway. Funded by NFR, Sept 2020-2023.   

Member of the research group "Texts and Education" and Media and Communication Studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Education, UiA. Leader of Texts and Education from 2015-2019.

Leader of the research project "Evaluational texts" (2017-2018).

Research project on "Social Media as Semiotic Technology" in cooperation with Center for Multimodal Communication at University of Southern Denmark. (2015–2018).

Participant in the research project "DigiGLU - Digital literacy and the use of digital resources in Norwegian Teacher Education", funded by the Ugland fund, 2013-15.

Participant in the UiA strategic research project "MULTIKUL – Multimodality and cultural change", funded by UiA, 2011-2015.

Participant in the UiA research project "Multimodality, genre and design", funded by NFR, 2007-2011.

Academic profile (CRISTIN)

Academic interests

Multimodality, social semiotics, semiotic technology, discourse analysis, systemic functional linguistics, literacy, teacher education research, educational communication.



Scientific publications

  • Tønnessen, Elise Seip; Birkeland, Nils Rune; Drange, Eli-Marie D.; Kvåle, Gunhild; Rambø, Gro-Renée; Vollan, Magnhild (2016). Hva gjør lærerstudenter når de studerer? Lesing, skriving og multimodale tekster i norsk grunnskolelærerutdanning. ISBN: 978-82-15-02631-2. Universitetsforlaget. s 256.
  • Kvåle, Gunhild; Maagerø, Eva; Veum, Aslaug (2015). Kontekst, språk og multimodalitet: Nyere sosialsemiotiske perspektiver. ISBN: 978-82-321-0433-8. Fagbokforlaget. s 276.
  • Kvåle, Gunhild (2020). "Kommersielle abc-appar".
  • Kvåle, Gunhild (2019). "Språk-kartlegging. En kritisk analyse av TRAS-skjemaet som multimodal tekst".
  • Kvåle, Gunhild (2019). "Kommersielle ABC-apper for barnehagebarn".
  • Kvåle, Gunhild (2019). "Evaluering og kartlegging som tekstlig og sosial praksis. Kritiske og multimodale perspektiver.".
  • Kvåle, Gunhild (2019). "Tekst i kontekst, kontekst i tekst. Tilnærmingar til tekstar og kontekstar i norskfaget".

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