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Sara Evelina Lundmark

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Selected publications

Lundmark, E. & LeDrew, S. (2019) “Unorganized Atheism and the Secular Movement: reddit as a Site for Studying ‘Lived Atheism,’” Social Compass, 66:1, pp. 112-129

Lundmark, E. (2019) “This is the face of your atheist” - Performing Private Truths in Precarious Publics, Uppsala University: Sweden

Lövheim, M. & Lundmark, E. (2019) “Gender, Religion and Authority in Digital Media”, ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies, 12:24, pp. 23-38

Lövheim, M. & Lundmark, E. (2022) “Identity”, in Campbell, H. A. & Tsuria, R. (eds.), Digital Religion – Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds (second edition), Routledge

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