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Enrique Blanco Gonzalez

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

38 14 24 43
454 96 531
J1043 ( Gimlemoen 25, Kristiansand )
Department of Natural Sciences


Ongoing project

2015-2016 PI. Havkyst Program, Norwegian Research Council: New bioinformatics approaches for studying local adaptation in coastal fish

2014-2017 PI. Havkyst Program, Norwegian Research Council: Adaptation or plasticity as response to large scale translocations and harvesting over a climatic gradient in the marine ecosystem?

Research group

I am part of the Marine Group at the Department of Natural Sciences. I also collaborate with the Centre for Coastal Research (CCR).  



Ph.D. Bioresource Science (Fish Genetics). Hiroshima University, Japan. 2009

M.Sc. Bioresource Science & Technology (Fish Genetics). Hiroshima University, Japan. 2006

D.E.A. Zoology (equivalent to M.Sc., Zoology). University of Cadiz, Spain. 2004

B.Sc. Marine Science.University of Cadiz, Spain. 2000

Academic interests

Research interests

My research interests lie in molecular ecology and conservation genetics of marine species. Using DNA-based tools, I aim at understanding the mechanisms shaping genetic diversity at different spatial-temporal scales and the role of anthropogenic activities (i.e. overfishing, aquaculture, stock enhancement) and climate change in ecosystems’ dynamics and the evolutionary response of marine communities. Mating behavior and reproductive strategies are other areas of special relevance to me. Among others, I am interesting in clarifying the reproductive fitness of released fish and their potential hybridization with wild counterparts.


Courses at UiA

BIO400. Fisheries Oceanography

BIO207. Marine Conservation

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