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Ellen Margrete Iveland Ersfjord

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

N03021 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

Academic interests

Medical anthropology, Social studies of children and childhood, obesity research, e-health research, public health research, diabetes research, RCT's, diet and nutrition for people with cognitive disabilities and other vulnerable groups, humor research and organizational anthropology.



Digital follow-up for young adults with Type 1 Diabetes at Sørlandet hospital (DIGPAS DIA)

Digital pathways for patients with HiV - A pilot project with the aim of systematising the use of patients' experiential competence in the specialist health service

The right to a health-promoting diet for people with cognitive disabilities living in assisted living home facilities during the COVID pandemic

The right to a healt-promoting diet for people with cognitive disabilities (HEL-KOST II)

Scientific publications

  • Følling, Ingrid Sørdal; Oldervoll, Line Merethe; Hilmarsen, Christina Wikstrøm; Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2021). Exploring use of activity monitors for patients with obesity during weight-loss treatment - a qualitative study. BMC sports science, medicine and rehabilitation. ISSN: 2052-1847. 13doi:10.1186/s13102-021-00253-9.
  • Hansen, Julie; Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2021). The pen, the receiver and the pump: Exploring young children's experiences of having a parent with type 1 diabetes. Children & society. ISSN: 0951-0605. s 1 - 14. doi:10.1111/chso.12440.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2018). 'Look mommy, I'm eating the plate model!' Biopedagogies and coping with obesity through objectification. Sociology of Health and Illness. ISSN: 0141-9889. 40 (5). s 793 - 806. doi:10.1111/1467-9566.12726.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2018). Taking children's humor seriously: A study of humor in children diagnosed with obesity and the medicalization of body weight. Childhood. ISSN: 0907-5682. 25 (2). s 189 - 202. doi:10.1177/0907568218760379.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen M. Iveland (2012). Pediatriens konstruksjoner av barn og barndom. Helsesosiologi: Analyser av helse, sykdom og behandling. ISBN: 978-82-05-42414-2. Gyldendal Akademisk. Kapittel 9. s 177 - 193.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen M. Iveland (2008). Pasienten i den medisinske diskurs. Den moderne pasienten. ISBN: 9788205380974. Gyldendal Akademisk. Kapittel 4. s 76 - 88.
  • Johnsen, Hege Mari; Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2023). En ny måte å drive poliklinikk på.
  • Johnsen, Hege Mari; Øgård-Repål, Anita; Martinez, Santiago; Fangen, Kim; Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2023). WORKSHOP: Digital transformation of outpatient clinics: lessons learned from a Norwegian HIV clinic.
  • Johnsen, Hege Mari; Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland; Fangen, Kim (2023). Webinar: En ny måte å drive poliklinikk på.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2022). Forprosjektet DIGPAS: Digitale pasientforløp for personer med HIV.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2022). Prosjektet HEL-KOST - Retten til et helsefremmende kosthold for personer med utviklingshemming som flytter til og bor i egen bolig​.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2022). HELKOST COVID: Hvordan gikk det med personer med utviklingshemming da landet stengte?.
  • Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland (2022). Folkehelse og digital teknologi for personer med utviklingshemming.
  • Oldervoll, Line Merethe; Ersfjord, Ellen Margrete Iveland; Berge, Kim; Plasil, Tanja (2021). Cardio-vascular diseases among people with intellectual disabilities: rare, forgotten or overlooked?.

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