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Egil Tobias Kalman

PhD Research Fellow

Egil Kalman is a Swedish musician/composer primarily playing modular synthesizer and double bass.

His music aims to dissolve the brittle barriers separating traditional Scandinavian folk- and contemporary electroacoustic music via minimalist compositional techniques and soulful improvisations. Utilizing just intonation tunings, hypnotic forms, synthesized sound mimicking the acoustic and vice versa, his music explores qualities intrinsic to traditional Scandinavian folk music in ways where the musical foundation is felt rather than explicitly heard.

Research interests

Folk music in slow motion

Idiomatic material slowed down and zoomed in for modular synthesizer


Scientific publications

  • Kalman, Egil Tobias; Kjorstad, Hans P.; Røysum, Andreas Hoem (2022). Miman turné høst 2022.
  • Kalman, Egil Tobias; Kjorstad, Hans P.; Kjorstad, Hans P. (2022). Duokonsert forskningsdagene.
  • Kalman, Egil Tobias (2022). Solokonsert på Improverk.
  • Kalman, Egil Tobias (2022). Solokonsert på FriResonans 2022.

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