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Daniel Berliner

PhD Research Fellow

Equity Crowdfunding and Entrepreneurship

9I157 ( Universitetsveien 19, Kristiansand )

Daniel Berliner brings over 15 years of results-driven, hands-on marketing, and branding strategies experience. Working with some of the leading technology companies, Daniel provided a strategic advantage by bridging technology, business strategy and the human factor into one coherent story, thus leveraging the value and making a difference in international markets.

Many years of experience in implementing and executing design thinking / solution-based methods have led to many unique and unorthodox solutions with great outcomes.

Daniel holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and international business from the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel and has ten years of experience teaching Marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship courses in various academic centers. 



Research interests

Criteria influencing investment decision making in equity crowdfunding of high risk, early stage technological ventures.

Academic interests

Alternative Financing

Equity Crowdfunding


Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing



Scientific publications

  • Berliner, Daniel; Efrat, Kalanit; Gilboa, Shaked (2019). The Israeli crowdfunding – A Reflection of its Entrepreneurial Culture.
  • Berliner, Daniel; Wald, Andreas Erich (2019). Equity Crowdfunding: Theoretical Aspects of Entrepreneurial Finance Research, Review and Proposal.

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