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Cecilie Beinert

PhD Research Fellow

IU063 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Beinert, Cecilie; Palojoki, Päivi; Hardy-Johnson, Polly; Engeset, Dagrun; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord; Ask, Anne Merete Selvik; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård (2020). The mismatch between teaching practices and curriculum goals in Norwegian Home Economics classes: a missed opportunity. Education Inquiry. ISSN: 2000-4508. doi:10.1080/20004508.2020.1816677.
  • Beinert, Cecilie; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Åbacka, Gun; Engeset, Dagrun; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord; Ask, Anne Merete Selvik; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård (2020). The state of learning activities in teaching Home Economics: A cross sectional study in Norwegian schools. International Journal of Home Economics. ISSN: 1999-561X. 13 (1). s 2 - 14.
  • Beinert, Cecilie; Hernes, Sigrunn; Haugen, Margaretha; Øverby, Nina Cecilie (2017). No long-term effect of a 2-days intervention on how to prepare homemade food, on toddlers' skepticism for new food and intake of fruits and vegetables and sweet beverages: a randomized, controlled trial.. BMC Research Notes. ISSN: 1756-0500. 10doi:10.1186/s13104-017-2931-z.
  • Beinert, Cecilie; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Åbacka, Gun (2019). LifeLab Mat og helse. Innovativ undervisning for fremtidens skole.
  • Beinert, Cecilie; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Åbacka, Gun; Øverby, Nina Cecilie (2019). Lifelab Food and health. Inovative teaching for the school of the future.
  • Beinert, Cecilie (2018). Deltakelse Forskningstorget Kristiansand.
  • Beinert, Cecilie (2016). Radiointervju om salt i Radio Sør.

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