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Andreas Waaler Røshol

PhD Research Fellow

51122B ( Universitetsveien 51, Kristiansand )

Research interests

My research focuses on the element of creativity and technology in the processes of collaborative songwriting of contemporary popular music. A central theme in my research is that the music technology is not merely recording the musical material but creating the musical material in symbiosis with its user. My artistic profile should be understood in relation to my experience as both topliner & beat-maker, where knowledge and the creation of new musical material informs my written research.

Courses and teaching

I teach the second-year bachelor students composition and arrangement for electronic music (MUR119-1) at the institute for popular music, UiA.

Scientific publications

  • Waaler Røshol, Andreas; Harvel, Rado Be (2020). Låtskriver og vokalist på utgivelsen "Falling".
  • Waaler Røshol, Andreas; Nygaard, Isak (2020). Låtskriver og vokalist på utgivelsen "Trigger".
  • Waaler Røshol, Andreas (2019). Topliner on the single "Another Round" by the artist HOBBS.
  • Waaler Røshol, Andreas; Moe, Berent Phillip; Waag, Kyrre (2019). Topliner and programmer on the single "Deep Water".
  • Røshol, Andreas Waaler; Frankpitt, Joshua; Imrie, Blair (2019). Vocalist and Topliner on the EP "Legacy Lost".
  • Røshol, Andreas Waaler (2019). Utgivelse av EPen V.
  • Røshol, Andreas Waaler (2019). Song-making in the "laptop-era".
  • Røshol, Andreas Waaler (2019). How close is too close? Discerning one`s own creative agency in popular music record production via close critical readings.


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