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Wim van Daele

Associate Professor

I1046 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I am a self-identifying socio-cultural anthropologist with a radical interdisciplinary orientation, focusing on developing an integrative approach to food systems, considering the life lines of food from seed to stool as well as their microbiosocial contexts.I am currently leading the EATWELL project (https://www.eatwell-bhutan.net/) which integrates socio-cultural anthropology of food and food systems with nutrition and gut microbiome studies. I have obtained my joint PhD in Comparative Science of Cultures and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University and have had altogether two years of research stays at the School of Oriental and African Studies, The University of Chicago and Columbia University. 

Research interests

I am researching how society translates itself into the gut via food and nutrition. More specifically, I examine the ways in which socio-cultural, cosmological, political-economic and (microbiological) environments shape the cultivation, herding, foraging, trading, and sharing of food as well as its processing, preparing, eating and digesting through the integration of socio-anthropological, nutritional and microbiomic approaches and methods. In the EATWELL project do so together with 16 other scientific collaborators, including both Bhutanese, Norwegian and Belgian scholars specialized in socio-cultural anthropology, global nutrition, nutrition, and gut microbiome sciences, as well as several research assistants. I have initiated similar collaborations in Sri Lanka and aim to further develop existing collaborations in DRCongo and Ecuador along similar lines, with the one in Ecuador also involving epigenetics. In this way, I am un-disciplining the anthropology of food systems, food, nutrition and gut microbiology into a radical interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary direction.  

Courses and teaching

I am currently the course coordinator of the Faculty's PhD course in the Philosophy of Science and have been teaching Bachelor courses on qualitative methods, food and society as well as food, globalization, and sustainability. 

Work experience

04/2020-… Associate Professor at the Department of Nutrition and Public Health, University of Agder, Norway

01/2019-03/2020 Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Development and Planning, University of Agder, Norway

09/2018-02/2019 Sensory research consultant at Haystack, Belgium

11/2017-03/2018 Consultant as an intern at the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Norway

12/2013-06/2017 Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oslo as part of the ERCfunded project «Overheating: The Three Crises of Globalization», headed by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Norway

04/2013-10/2013 Administrator at Center Leo Apostel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

01/2008-08/2013 Joint PhD with the respective double degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the VUB, and Comparative Science of Cultures at Ghent University, Obtained with greatest distinction awarded unanimously by all members of the jury, Belgium

Academic interests


Anthropology of food

Anthropology of nutrition

Human and environmental Microbiomes


radical inter/transdisciplinarity











Selected publications

Van Daele, W. Entangled Assemblages. Found Sci (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10699-022-09858-w

Van Daele, W. Food as the Holographic Condensation of Life in Sri Lankan Rituals, Ethnos (2018), 83:4, 645-664, DOI: 10.1080/00141844.2017.1314309

Van Daele, W. Vibrantly Entangled in Sri Lanka: Food as the Polyrhythmic and Polyphonic Assemblage of Life. Found Sci (2018), 23, 85–102, DOI: 10.1007/s10699-016- 9509-4


Scientific publications

  • Medin, Anine Christine; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Helle, Christine; Helland, Sissel Heidi; Wills, Andrew Keith; Osorio, Natalie Garzon; Lian, Henrik; Iveland Ersfjord, Torunn; van Daele, Wim; Bjørkkjær, Tormod; Valen, Erlend Larsen; Gebremariam, Mekdes; Grasaas, Erik; Kiland, Charlotte; von Thiele Schwarz, Ulrica; Hope Abel, Marianne; Love, Penny; Campbell, Karen; Rutter, Harry; Barker, Mary Elizabeth; Hillesund, Elisabet Rudjord; Øverby, Nina Cecilie (2024). Scaling up evidence-based digital early life nutrition interventions in a county setting: an implementation trial – protocol for Phase 2 of the Nutrition Now project. Frontiers in Public Health. ISSN: 2296-2565. 11doi:10.3389/fpubh.2023.1326787.
  • Groufh-Jacobsen, Synne; Larsson, Christel; Van Daele, Wim; Margerison, Claire; Mulkerrins, Isabelle; Aasland, Lale Marie; Medin, Anine Christine (2023). Food literacy and diet quality in young vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians and omnivores. Public Health Nutrition (PHN). ISSN: 1368-9800. s 1 - 11. doi:10.1017/S1368980023002124.
  • van Daele, Wim (2022). Entangled Assemblages: The Mutual Becoming of Food and More-than-Human Being. Foundations of Science. ISSN: 1233-1821. doi:10.1007/s10699-022-09858-w.
  • Van Daele, Wim (2017). Food as the Holographic Condensation of Life in Sri Lankan Rituals. Ethnos. ISSN: 0014-1844. 83 (4). s 645 - 664. doi:10.1080/00141844.2017.1314309.
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  • Van Daele, Wim (2014). Oscillating Between Village and Globe: Articulating Food in Sri Lankan Activism. Food activism: agency, democracy and economy. ISBN: 978-0-85785-833-7. Bloomsbury Academic. 14.
  • Van Daele, Wim (2013). 'Cooking' life: an anthropologist blends in with everyday sustenance and relationality in Sri Lanka. Food and Foodways. ISSN: 0740-9710. 21 (1). s 66 - 85. doi:10.1080/07409710.2013.764788.
  • Van Daele, Wim (2013). Igniting food assemblages in Sri Lanka: Ritual cooking to regenerate the world and interrelations. Contributions to Indian sociology. ISSN: 0069-9667. 47 (1). s 33 - 60. doi:10.1177/006996671204700102.
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  • van Daele, Wim (2021). Decentering Gut Microbiota in Sri Lanka Through an Anthropology with Microbiology.
  • Van Daele, Wim (2021). Anthropological aspects of food and health.
  • van Daele, Wim (2021). The biosocial entanglements of food, epigenomes, microbiomes, and environments in more-than-human becomings and health.
  • van Daele, Wim (2021). Towards material-semiotic biographies of more-than-human life: Diffracting life histories of human persons and gut microbiota..
  • van Daele, Wim (2020). From socio-cultural organization to microbial and molecular regulation of life, and back: Towards an interdisciplinary integration through biosocial pathways and entanglements..

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