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Wellington Tischer

Department of Political Science and Management

Office hours:
Per request (send email) HU008 (Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand)

Ph.D. internship at the University of Agder in partnership with the State University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). Public servant, Architect, and Urban Planner at the Fronteira Sul Federal University (UFFS) since 2010. Master of Science in 2016 and Doctorate student in Territorial Planning and Socio-environmental Development at the Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) since 2018 in Florianópolis. Master of Science in Urban Design and Territorial Transformation Management at Politecnico of Turin (Italy) in 2008. Also, a Master of Science student in Architecture at Unisinos. My main interests are Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Higher Education institutions, Accessibility, Regional Development, and Urban design.

Research interests

Wellington´s research interests are located at the intersection of regional development, geography, organizational theory, economic and social indicators, and higher education studies. Topics include international models of Higher Education, Spatial Analysis, Impact-based studies. The focus is on Brazilian universities and science systems.

Wellington´s work has been to plan and design a whole university (UFFS) since its beginning in 2010. He was in charge of more than 100 thousand sqm in six brand new campuses in the Brazilian hinterland. His work experience includes Hospital design, rural campus buildings, Lab design, office design, sports design, classroom design, accessibility, thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and Heritage management.

In 2013, Wellington´s designed an Indigenous campus (not built) in Southern Brazil dedicated to indigenous people with more than 40 thousand sqm.

Courses and teaching

  • Urban and Regional Planning (Bachelor)
  • Social Housing Design (Bachelor)
  • Thermal Comfort (Bachelor)
  • Energy Efficiency (Master)

Work experience

2010-Present: Architect and Urban Planner at Fronteira Sul Federal University (UFFS)

2013-2019: Director of Planning and Design Office at Fronteira Sul Federal University (UFFS), Brazil

2013-2018: Professor in Thermal Comfort, Housing Design and Urban Planning at UCEFF (Brazil)

2013-2014: Professor in Urban Planning at Unochapeco (Brazil)


Academic interests

Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Higher Education institutions, Accessibility, Regional Development, and Urban design.

Selected publications


TISCHER, W.; ARAUJO, A. THE GEODESIGN METHOD: an interview with Carl Steinitz. Interespaço: Revista de Geografia e Interdisciplinaridade, v. 6, p. 1-15, 2020.



Published papers only in Portuguese:



TISCHER, W.; TURNES, V. A. ; ROCHA, I. O. . Higher education in regional development: a bibliometric analysis of academic production in regional, urban planning and demographics (PLURD) scientific events from 2014 to 2019. Revista Política e Planejamento Regional, v. 8, p. 21-41, 2021.




 TISCHER, W. Review of the Book "Brazilian University and UDESC: design, autonomy and management". Revista Linhas, Florianópolis, v. 22, n. 49, p. 433 - 440, 2021. DOI: 10.5965/1984723822492021433. 




TISCHER, W. How do you go, walkability? How to think cities to pedestrians. Revista Infinity, v. 6, p. 140-148, 2021.




TISCHER, W.; TURNES, V. A. Regional Development and Higher Education. DRd - Desenvolvimento Regional em debate, v. 10, p. 1-6, 2020.




TISCHER, W. International models of Higher Education: United States, France, and Germany. Roteiro, v. 45, p. 1-6, 2020.




DACOL, K.; TISCHER, W. The relationship between Nature-based Solutions and Ecosystem Services: A Bibliometric Analysis. Revista Geonordeste, v. 31, p. 172-191, 2020.




TISCHER, W.TURNES, V. A. ; ROCHA, I. O. The expansion of Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (IES) as regional enterprises – a discussion based on the use of metaphors. Revista Política e Planejamento Regional, v. 7, p. 171-190, 2020.



Published books



TISCHER, W. The UFFS´ indigenous campus, 1 ed. Chapecó, 2016, v. 1. 19p.

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