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Trude Pedersen Sundtjønn

PhD Candidate

PhD Research Fellow in mathematics education

Office hours:

I have taught mathematics in upper secondary education, and in the teacher education at UiA, and am now working on a phd about the mathematics course in the secondary vocational education programmes in Norway. Interested in PhD candidates rights and responsibilities, and board member of Tekna UiA and Tekna Vest-Agder. 

Academic interests

My doctoral dissertation is about students' experiences and possible learning in mathematics in the secondary vocational education programmes in Norway. My research interests are vocational mathematics, workplace mathematics, mathematics in the vocational education, mathematical modeling and studies of pupils in mathematics classrooms. I am also interested in critical mathematics education, and mathematics within different cultural contexts than the Norwegian context.  


Member of the mathematics didactics research group at UiA, and project member of the research project 'Teaching interventions in mathematics' https://www.cristin.no/app/projects/show.jsf?id=441484 in cooperation with UiT.

A poster from this project was presented at PME2014.

Sundtjønn, Trude; Opheim, Linda Gurvin; Simensen, Anita Movik. TEACHING INTERVENTIONS IN MATHEMATICS. The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME); 2014-07-15 - 2014-07-20 UiT UIA

Scientific publications

  • Sundtjønn, Trude (2013). Students’ Discussions on a Workplace Related Task. Proceedings of the Eighth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. ISBN: 978-975-429-315-9. European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Applications and Modelling. s 1117 - 1126.
  • Presthus, Anne Marie; Sundtjønn, Trude (2011). Sammarbeidsrelasjoner mellom pedagogikk og andre fag. Fra teori til praksis og tilbake igjen Forsøk med praksis som integrerende element i lærerutdanningen - PIL-forsøket ved Universitetet i Agder. ISBN: 978-82-7117-692-1. Skriftserien. Universitet i Agder. Kapittel 3. s 41 - 47.
  • Sundtjønn, Trude (2016). Students’ treatment of authenticity in vocational connected tasks.
  • Bjarnø, Vibeke; Tønnessen, Eva; Sundtjønn, Trude (2016). Færre stryker i matte.
  • Sundtjønn, Trude (2014). Tensions In Enacted Sociomathematical Norms When Working On Vocational Oriented Tasks.
  • Sundtjønn, Trude; Opheim, Linda Gurvin; Simensen, Anita Movik (2014). TEACHING INTERVENTIONS IN MATHEMATICS.
  • Sundtjønn, Trude (2014). Sinusseminaret: Yrkesretting i matematikk - engasjerende?.
  • Sundtjønn, Trude (2013). Students’ discussions on a workplace related task.
  • Sundtjønn, Trude (2013). Vocational mathematics tasks - examples and discussion about what happens in the mathematics classroom.

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