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Tove Sofia Engvall

PhD Research Fellow

PhD research fellow

HU073 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Research interests

Currently doing a PhD project about the role of information systems in international governance, using the case of reporting to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. All countries have to report on their commitments, achievements and emission levels to the UN.
The idea is that this will enable transparency, assessment of individual and collective action, inspire political engagement and participation. In this way, both the information and IT system have central roles in governance. The research will explore the relationship between information, technology and governance, to develop a deeper understanding of the role of information systems in a complex context of international governance.

Work experience

Tove has been an adjunct lecturer in Archives and information science at Mid Sweden University, and has participated in some research projects, for example https://interparestrust.org/
Previous to that, she was an e-archivist in a Swedish municipality, and participated in national projects about e-archives. 

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