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Tor Stensola

Associate Professor

A114A ( Universitetsveien 50, Kristiansand )

I'm a neuroscientist with a degree in neuroscience. I did a BSc in neuroscience at Otago University in New Zealand, an MSc in neuroscience from Oxford University, and Dr. Philos. in Moserlaben at NTNU in Trondheim.

In the Moser lab I worked on the grid cell system together with my partner Hanne Stensola. We showed that the grid system consists of a few functionally separate modules, and showed how their spatial activity is geometrically anchored to the outside world.

As a postdoctoral fellow in Lisbon, the focus shifted to sensory processes, and how internally generated activity controls perception. In this work, much focus was on behavioral paradigms and we developed a new virtual environment for mice. Our work was mainly on the olfactory system.

In 2021, Hanne Stensola and I started neuroscience research at UiA in Kristiansand. Our lab will further study the cross-section between sensory impressions and the brain's own expressions.

Scientific publications

  • Stensola, Tor; Stensola, Hanne; Moser, May-Britt; Moser, Edvard Ingjald (2015). Shearing-induced asymmetry in entorhinal grid cells. Nature. ISSN: 0028-0836. 518 (7538). s 207 - 212. doi:10.1038/nature14151.
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  • Stensola, Hanne; Stensola, Tor; Solstad, Trygve; Frøland, Kristian; Moser, May-Britt; Moser, Edvard Ingjald (2012). The entorhinal grid map is discretized. Nature. ISSN: 0028-0836. 492 (7427). s 72 - 78. doi:10.1038/nature11649.
  • Stensola, Tor (2015). Det er på tide å revurdere psykedelika FORSKNING.
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