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Scientific publications

  • Yu, Jiayi; Li, Zeyuan; Xiong, Naixue; Zhang, Shaobo; Liu, Anfeng; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2023). A reliability and truth-aware based online digital data auction mechanism for cybersecurity in MCS. Future generations computer systems. ISSN: 0167-739X. 141s 526 - 541. doi:10.1016/j.future.2022.11.028.
  • Wong, Renata; Chang, Weng-Long; Chung, Wen-Yu; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2023). Biomolecular and quantum algorithms for the dominating set problem in arbitrary networks. Scientific Reports. ISSN: 2045-2322. 13 (1). doi:10.1038/s41598-023-30600-4.
  • Chude-Okonkwo, Uche K.; Paul, Babu S.; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2023). Enabling Precision Medicine via Contemporary and Future Communication Technologies: A Survey. IEEE Access. ISSN: 2169-3536. 11s 21210 - 21240. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3175573.
  • Li, Chao; Yang, Hui; Sun, Zhengjie; Yao, Qiuyan; Bao, Bowen; Zhang, Jie; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2023). Federated Hierarchical Trust-Based Interaction Scheme for Cross-Domain Industrial IoT. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. ISSN: 2327-4662. 10 (1). s 447 - 457. doi:10.1109/JIOT.2022.3200854.
  • Wang, Kuan; Wu, Jun; Zheng, Xi; Li, Jianhua; Yang, Wu; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2022). Cloud-Edge Orchestrated Power Dispatching for Smart Grid With Distributed Energy Resources. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. ISSN: 2168-7161. doi:10.1109/TCC.2022.3185170.
  • Mo, Haimiao; Ding, Shuai; Yang, Shanlin; Vasilakos, Athanasios; Zheng, Xi (2022). Collaborative Three-Tier Architecture Noncontact Respiratory Rate Monitoring using Target Tracking and False Peaks Eliminating Algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. ISSN: 0018-9456. 71doi:10.1109/TIM.2022.3205644.
  • Yang, Hui; Yao, Qiuyan; Bao, Bowen; Yu, Ao; Zhang, Jie; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2022). Multi-Associated Parameters Aggregation-Based Routing and Resources Allocation in Multi-Core Elastic Optical Networks. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. ISSN: 1063-6692. 30 (5). s 2145 - 2157. doi:10.1109/TNET.2022.3164869.
  • Dharminder, Dharminder; Das, Ashok Kumar; Saha, Sourav; Bera, Basudeb; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2022). Post-Quantum Secure Identity-Based Encryption Scheme using Random Integer Lattices for IoT-enabled AI Applications. Security and Communication Networks. ISSN: 1939-0114. 2022doi:10.1155/2022/5498058.
  • Abdar, Moloud; Khosrav, Abbas; Shariful Islam, Sheikh Mohammed; Acharya, U. Rajendra; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2022). The need for quantification of uncertainty in artificial intelligence for clinical data analysis: increasing the level of trust in the decision-making process. IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Magazine. ISSN: 2380-1298. 8 (3). s 28 - 40. doi:10.1109/MSMC.2022.3150144.
  • Ali, Mohammad; Sadeghi, Mohammad-Reza; Liu, Ximeng; Miao, Yinbin; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2022). Verifiable online/offline multi-keyword search for cloud-assisted Industrial Internet of Things. Journal of Information Security and Applications. ISSN: 2214-2134. 65doi:10.1016/j.jisa.2021.103101.
  • Hamdan, Mosab; Hassan, Entisar; Abdelaziz, Ahmed; Elhigazi, Abdallah; Mohammed, Bushra; Khan, Suleman; Vasilakos, Athanasios; Marsono, M. N. (2020). A comprehensive survey of load balancing techniques in software-defined network. Journal of Network and Computer Applications. ISSN: 1084-8045. 174
  • Sun, Zhengjie; Yang, Hui; Li, Chao; Yao, Qiuyan; Wang, Danshi; Zhang, Jie; Vasilakos, Athanasios; Wang, Hanning (2021). Cloud-Edge Collaboration in Industrial Internet of Things: A Joint Offloading Scheme based on Resource Prediction. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. ISSN: 2327-4662. 9 (18). s 17014 - 17025. doi:10.1109/JIOT.2021.3137861.
  • Bera, Basudeb; Saha, Sourav; Das, Ashok Kumar; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2021). Designing Blockchain-Based Access Control Protocol in IoT-Enabled Smart-Grid System. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. ISSN: 2327-4662. 8 (7). s 5744 - 5761. doi:10.1109/JIOT.2020.3030308.
  • wu, weiwei; Wang, Wanyang; Fang, Xiaolin; Luo, Junzhou; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2019). Electricity Price-aware Consolidation Algorithms for Time-sensitive VM Services in Cloud Systems. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. ISSN: 1939-1374. 14 (6). s 1726 - 1738.
  • Vasilakos, Athanasios (2019). Fine-Grained Powercap Allocation for Power-Constrained Systems Based on Multi-Objective Machine Learning. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. ISSN: 1045-9219. 32 (7). s 1789 - 1801.
  • Vasilakos, Athanasios (2019). Latency performance modeling and analysis for hyperledger fabric blockchain network. Information Processing & Management. ISSN: 0306-4573.
  • Wang, Sawei; Jin, Xin; Mao, Shuai; Vasilakos, Athanasios; Tang, Yang (2019). Model-Free Event-Triggered Optimal Consensus Control of Multiple Euler-Lagrange Systems via Reinforcement Learning. IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (IEEE TNSE). ISSN: 2327-4697. 8 (1). s 246 - 258.
  • Ni, Jianbing; Zhang, Kuan; Vasilakos, Athanasios (2019). Security and Privacy for Mobile Edge Caching: Challenges and Solutions. IEEE wireless communications. ISSN: 1536-1284. 28 (3). s 77 - 83.

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