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Tina Binfield-Skøie

PhD Research Fellow

E1206 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Selected publications

Binfield-Skøie, T. (2021). «It’s normal children except for …». A qualitative study of kindergarten teachers’ experiences working with a multicultural group of children in kindergarten [Masters thesis] University of Agder. https://uia.brage.unit.no/uia-xmlui/handle/11250/2828643

Scientific publications

  • Engtrø, Randi; Dale, Trine Smiseth; Skreland, Lisbeth Ljosdal; Binfield-Skøie, Tina (2022). What's hanging on the wall?.
  • Binfield-Skøie, Tina; Stray, Ingunn Elisabeth (2022). The shadows and power of literacy discourse-standards in Early Childhood Education.
  • Stray, Ingunn Elisabeth; Binfield-Skøie, Tina (2022). Moral superiority in Norwegian Early Childhood Education discourses of parenthood.

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