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Susan Lynn Erdmann

Associate Professor

E1063B ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn; Gawronska, Barbara (2023). Covering the World: Norway.
  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn (2023). So you think you can write? Lecture/workshop on academic writing in English..
  • Edgar, Eir-Anne; Nurmi Jr, Thomas David; Hanssen, Jessica Allen; Erdmann, Susan Lynn (2022). Rough Waters and Smooth Sailing: A Roundtable Discussion on Teaching American Studies in Norway.
  • Garshol, Lenka; Erdmann, Susan Lynn (2022). The use of digital tools in early instructed language learning.
  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn (2022). “He-boys” and “Fine Chaps”: Revisiting Masculinity in The Blythes Are Quoted.
  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn; Gawronska, Barbara (2022). Alter.
  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn (2021). Eastern European Cookbooks and Nation-Building.

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