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Kerry Stephen Seiler


Sport scientist and graduate student advisor

3I192 ( Universitetsveien 1, Kristiansand )
  • Born 1965
  • Masters in Exercise Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 1987
  • PhD in Kinesiology (Exercise physiology and Exercise biochemistry), University of Texas, at Austin 1995
  • Faculty of Health and Sport, University of Agder since 1997
  • Research consultant, Sorlandet Regional Hospital, since 2003
  • Research consultant, Norwegian Olympic Federation since 2011
  • Past Executive Board Member European College of Sport Science
  • Fellow American College of Sports Medicine
  • Scientific Advisory Board member- Triq
  • Scientific consultant- Uno-X Professional Cycling Team
  • Scientific consultant and educational contributor- Fast Talk Laboratories

Academic interests

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Brain body interactions and perception of effort during and after exercise.
  • Cardiovascular adaptation to training


  • Physiological adaptations to training
  • Intensity and duration interactions for optimization of endurance training
  • Perceptual responses to exercise

Research projects strongly connected to Talent development in cooperation with Norwegan Olympic Federation.  Key area of research is intensity distribution and training organization for optimal adaptation an performance within endurance disciplines.

Member of PASTA Research group (Physical Activity, Sport, Training, and Adaptation) at UiA.

Scientific publications

  • Seiler, Stephen (2002). Interval Training for Fitness and Performance. Theory and Practice. International Sport Science Association.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). Load, Stress, Strain: Repurposing and established framework to quantify the endurance training Process.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). Optimizing Endurance Training.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). Endurance Sports Now and in the Future.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). P3 Power-Pace-Perception: Utilizing the trinity to guide the training process.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). CORONA: Reflections on an unplanned global training experiment.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). The Holy Trinity of training monitoring.
  • Seiler, Stephen (2020). Power/Pace, physiology and perception: Integrating the “Holy Trinity” of training and performance monitoring.

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