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E1079 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Stephen Dougherty received his Ph.D. in English from Indiana University. He is Professor of American Literature and Culture in the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation. 

Academic interests

Academic interests include: science fiction, media studies, psychoanalytic theory, science studies, immigrant fiction and migrant studies, phenomenology, globalization studies

Courses taught at the Bachelor level include: British and U.S. Literature surveys (EN-103 and EN-104), 19th Century U.S. Fiction (EN-110), British Contemporary Novel (EN-134), U.S. and British Culture/History (EN-144)

Courses taught at the Masters level include: Literary Theory (EN-410), Techno-Culture and Science Fiction (EN-427), Contemporary U.S. Immigrant Fiction (EN-437)


Translation and Intercultural Communication

Scientific publications

  • Dougherty, Stephen Darren (2020). "Event, Non-Event, and Interpretation: Catherine Malabou with Anne Carson".
  • Dougherty, Stephen Darren (2019). "Paul Gilroy/Holberg Prize".
  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn; Dougherty, Stephen Darren (2019). Intercultural higher education; whose language? whose culture.
  • Erdmann, Susan Lynn; Dougherty, Stephen Darren (2019). Frenemies; Teaching culture when culture goes off the rails.
  • Dougherty, Stephen Darren (2017). "Translation, Innovation and Simulation".

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