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Soogand Golesorkhi

Associate Professor

122 ( Universitetsveien 17, Kristiansand )

I completed a MSc in International Business and a PhD in the International Strategy at the University of Manchester. I joined the Manchester Met Business School in 2006 as Research Fellow to undertake research on upgrading of foreign direct investment and  developmental impact in North West of England. I have done research and published in the fields of International Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, in Journals such as; Journal of world Business, International Business Review and Long Range Planning. 

My paper “Cultural distance and the pattern of equity ownership structure in international joint ventures”, won the Best paper award published at International Business Review (3*) at European International Business Academy in 2011.

Research Coordinator at European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, The 32nd Annual EAEPE Conference 2020 The Evolution of Capitalist Structures: Uncertainty, Inequality, and Climate Crisis”.

Leading PG program reviews and developments. Acting as external examiner of PG Programmes at Oxford Brooks University (UK). 

Research interests

Focusing on strategy and international business, issues such as; equity ownership determinants of international joint ventures, strategic alliances structure-performance, and strategic development of foreign owned subsidiaries. In addition, examination of nonmarket strategies of MNEs and partnerships, social mission, and entrepreneurships attributes of  social enterprises including microfinance institutions.

Courses and teaching

Strategic Management for Entrepreneurs, SHIFT MSc Programme

 International Business Theory and Strategy, International Political Economy, MSc International Business Management Programme


Northwest Development Agency, UK, Analysis of foreign direct iinvestment upgrading and developmental impact in the region 

Department for International Development, Levant UK. Report on foreign direct investment flows and security in Arab region

Selected publications

Golesorkhi, S., Mersland, R., Randoy, T., Piekkari, P., Pishchulov, G. (2019). The Effect of Language Use on the Financial Performance of Microfinance Banks: Evidence from Cross-border Activities in 74 Countries. Journal of World Business. 54(3):213-229.

Golesorkhi, S., Mersland, R., Randoy, T., Shenkar, O., (2019). The Performance Impact of Informal and Formal Institutional Differences in Cross-Border Alliances. International Business Review. 28(1): 104-118.

Filiou, D., Golsorkhi, S. (2016). Influence of institutional differences on firm innovation from international alliances. Long Range Planning, 49(1): 129-144.

Tuselmann, S. Buzdugan, Q. Cao, D. Freund, S. Golsorkhi (2016). Impact of International Business: Challenges and Solutions for Policy and Practice. Palgrave Macmillan.

Mori, N., Golsorkhi, S., Randoy, T., Hermes, N. (2015). The Effect of Board Composition on Poverty Outreach of Microfinance Institutions: Evidence from East Africa, Strategic Change, 24(1): 99-113.

Golsorkhi, S., Yamin, M., Bowe, M. (2014). Explaining equity shares in international joint ventures: combining the influence of asset characteristics, culture and institutional differences. Research in International Business and Finance, 31, 212–233.

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