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Soern Finn Menning

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

EU105 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Menning, Soern F.; Murris, Karin; Wargo, Jon (2021). Reanimating video and sound in research practices. Navigating the Postqualitative, New Materialist and Critical Posthumanist Terrain Across Disciplines: An Introductory Guide. ISBN: 9780367484705. Routledge. Chapter 8. s 150 - 168.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2018). Exploring an Alternative Justification for the Importance of Curiosity in Education: Social Curiosity and Løgstrup’s Sovereign Expressions of Life. Studies in Philosophy and Education. ISSN: 0039-3746. doi:10.1007/s11217-018-9629-0.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2018). Mapping the dilemmatic space of early childhood education and care practitioners when challenged by children’s curiosity. Journal of Early Childhood Research. ISSN: 1476-718X. 16 (4). s 349 - 362. doi:10.1177/1476718X18775769.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2018). Why nurturing curiosity is an ethical endeavour: exploring practitioners' reflections on the importance of curiosity. International Journal of Early Years Education. ISSN: 0966-9760. doi:10.1080/09669760.2018.1547632.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2017). Tracing Curiosity with a Value Perspective. Nordisk tidsskrift for pedagogikk og kritikk. ISSN: 2387-5739. 3 (1). s 1 - 16. doi:10.23865/ntpk.v3.531.
  • Menning, Soern Finn (2016). Nysgjerrig på nysgjerrighet! Å sette fokus på nysgjerrighetsprosesser. Blikk fra barnehagen. ISBN: 978-82-450-1695-6. Fagbokforlaget. Artikkel 8. s 163 - 173.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2020). Video Research in ECEC - Challenges and possibilities.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2020). Den Nysgjerrige Forskeren.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2019). Curiosity - a value-loaded notion.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2019). Getting affected by cinema to reconfigure video research.
  • Menning, Soern F.; Murris, Karin (2019). Videography and Decolonizing Childhood.
  • Menning, Soern F. (2019). Nysgjerrighet som verdiladet begrep i barnehagepedagogiske praksiser.

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