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Siren Vegusdal

Senior Executive Officer

E-learning and ICT advisor

122L ( Universitetsveien 51, Kristiansand )

E-learning, ICT, information, and communication

LMS manager (ELS-UiA)

E-learning and ICT advisor

Teams (O365)

Union representative 

Leader of the national strategic working group for LMS


Digital undervisning | Canvas | Evaluering

UiA PULS| Fakultet for humaniora og pedagogikk

Academic interests


Science of Instruction


Information & Communiction Technology


Project manager:

  • Purchasing and introducing Anthology Ally - Accessibility
  • Purchasing and introducing a new system for digital Course Evaluation at the University (ended)
  • System design for Canvas at the University (ended)
  • Phasing out current LMS at the University (ended) 
  • Proof of Concept - Equella (ended)
  • TEME: Teacher Education -Mutual Experience (ended)

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