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Sigrunn Askland

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Office hours:
E 1060 Etter avtale

Scientific publications

  • Askland, Sigrunn (2020). “They have a Eureka moment – there’s a rule!” The role of grammar teaching in English as a second language in Norway. Journal of Second Language Teaching and Research. ISSN: 2045-4031. 8 (1). s 52 - 71.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2019). «Grammatikk er viktig som ein reiskap når vi treng han». Kva seier lærarar om grammatikkundervisning i norskfaget?. Norsklæreren. ISSN: 0332-7264. (3).
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2019). “Too much grammar will kill you!” Teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Norway: What teachers say about grammar teaching. Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology. ISSN: 1894-2245. 6 (2). s 57 - 84.
  • Scheffler, Pawel; Horverak, May Olaug; Krzebietke, Weronika; Askland, Sigrunn (2017). Language backgrounds and learners’ attitudes to own-language use.. ELT Journal. ISSN: 0951-0893. 71 (2). s 197 - 217. doi:10.1093/elt/ccw058.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2015). Being an exchange student in the USA: How does it affect a student’s oral English skills? A case study.. Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology. ISSN: 1894-2245.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2020). Teacher cognition, grammar teaching and target language use in L1, L2 and L3 instruction.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2020). Språkteigen: https://radio.nrk.no/serie/spraakteigen/sesong/202005/DMIN01002120.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2020). https://www.fvn.no/magasin/i/LAxxOR/laerere-maa-slutte-aa-gjoere-ting-som-ikke-virker.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2018). Too much grammar will kill you! Teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Norway..
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2017). Elevers skriveutvikling fra ungdomsskole til videregående skole.
  • Askland, Sigrunn (2017). Lærerens tilbakemelding - til skade eller gagn?.

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