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Rune Zahl-Olsen

Associate Professor

PhD kandidat

Couple and family therapist at Department for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Sorlandet  Hospital, Norway since 2007

Master degree in family therapy and systemic practice from Diakonhjemmet university collage (now VID).

Now: Phd Candidate

Academic interests

Tradjectories and effects of couple and family therapy

Marriage and divorce

Relationship dissolution


Trajectories and predictors of change in couple and family therapy

This study is a sub-study of an ongoing RCT study on the effects of couple and family therapy in Norway. The ability to function well in school and work is of great importance both from an individual and from a societal perspective, this will be measured. This study will further investigate the trajectories of change for the children and parents within the families using data from one of the two conditions in the RCT study. Findings will potentially inform the field which types of trajectories of change within the families that are correlated to positive outcome. The study will specifically investigate whether there might be early signals from the use of feedback that can help therapists to pinpoint cases predicting not to benefit from therapy. Hence, findings will possibly provide therapists with information yielding the opportunity to adjust the treatment according to the patients’ needs, i.e. strengthening user involvement.

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