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1 ( Gimleveien 23, Kristiansand )

Zoologist with master thesis on spruce and spruce beetles from Univ. of Oslo. studies on insects, mammals and birds, behaviour and population ecology. Focus on boreal forest ecosystems. Employed as curator in zoology at the Natural History Museum (UiA) from 1995. I have built a scientific collection of skins of mammals and birds, but also tissue samples and bird eggs (unhatched eggs). Completed my PhD (2019) at Inland University (Evenstad) 2019: Molt stage, wing bar patterns and digital photography as tools for assessing age distribution and recognizing individuals of Great Grey and Snowy Owls. Also working on individual reconition of large butterflies based on photographies.

Work experience

Reports for Økoforsk (1985), Governmental reports 1985-86, Book editor at Kunnskapsforlaget and Aschehoug 1986-87, Freelance reporter for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK, radio - nature) 1983-1990, self-emplyed consultant 1990-95, Curator Zoology at Agder Natural History Museum from 1995 (under University of Agder since 2017). 

Academic interests

Life histories of birds and mammals, all continents. Specialise on owls, in particular Ural, Great Grey and Snowy Owl. Satellite telemetry on the last two species, focusing on migrations, life strategies and habitat selection. Spescial focus on ecology of coniferous forests.

General outreach

More than 400 titles written since 1971 (popular science, scientific papers, newpaper comments etc.). Made 115 radio programs on nature for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) 1983-90, since then hundreds of radio and TV interviews on zoology. Have given 330 lectures on a wide range of topics on zoology, nature and management since 1975. 

Scientific publications

  • Solheim, Roar; Brenni, Sondre Englund (2023). Wolverine (Gulo gulo) Recorded as Predator of Nestling Great Gray Owls (Strix nebulosa) in Norway. The Journal of raptor research. ISSN: 0892-1016. 57 (1). s 116 - 120. doi:10.3356/JRR-22-36.
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