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Robin Amir Rondestvedt Moudnib

Research Assistant

I'm an entrepreneur within blockchain and software development, built by people with clear goals for it's usefulness. I have a Masters degree in Information Systems from UiA, and run my startup Decentralize IT AS (where we make the Deegram app) on a day to day basis while working part time at IKT-Agder and here at Shift entrepreneurship. 


At Shift I'm an assistant teacher/guest lecturer and contribute where I'm needed. Project management, guest lectures and potentially some research collaborations in the future. 


My favorite field is blockchain technology and it's implications on a societal level. Especially from a sustainability perspective. I also have an interest in artificial intelligence, software-development, IoT, automation, augmented reality technology, process management and virtual reality technology. 


Feel free to make contact for any inquiries regarding my position here at UiA on robin.rondestvedt@uia.no

Selected publications

Drivers and barriers for blockchain adoption in organizations (2019) - Master's thesis Information Systems

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