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Scientific publications

  • Cenkeramaddi, Linga Reddy; Larsen, Ragnhild Terese Veimo; Johnsen, Ragnar; Haglund, Magne Arild (2014). Mixed Signal System Design (A project based course). 10th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education, 2014 (EWME). ISBN: 978-1-4799-4016-5. IEEE conference proceedings. kapittel. s 58 - 61.
  • Sterian, Corneliu Eugen D.; Wang, Cheng-Xiang; Johnsen, Ragnar; Pätzold, Matthias (2004). Rotationally invariant space-time Trellis codes with 4-D rectangular constellations for high data rate wireless communications. Journal of Communications and Networks. ISSN: 1229-2370. 6 (3). s 258 - 268.

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