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Paulina Emilia Nordström

Associate Professor

H2034 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Paulina Nordström, Ph.D. is associate professor at Department of Global Development and Planning. She Holds a Ph.D. from University of Turku. Paulina studied the concept of creative landscape by exploring the concept of landscape and event philosophy side by side. By way of the concept, she contemplated the changes that occur in multisensory seeing. The study includes experiments in applied theatre as a method for participatory urban planning, glass architecture, urban photography and 3D laser scanning.

Current research project focuses on rooftop urbanism.

Selected publications

Hautala, J. & P. Nordström (2019) Creative city, mobility, and creativity: Finnish artists in Berlin, Mobilities, DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2019.1616445

Nordström, P. (2018). Creative landscapes: events at sites of encounter. Annales Universitatis Turkuensis, Series A 2, Biologica, Geograhica, Geologica.

Nordström, P. (2017). The site of glass architecture and the surface aesthetics of urban photography. Space and Culture 20 (3): 271–286.

Nordström, P. (2017). Through laser scanned point clouds to techno-sight and a landscape on the move. GeoHumanities 3 (1): 122–143.

Nordström, P. (2016). The creative landscape of theatre-research cooperation: a case from Turku, Finland. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography 98 (1): 1–17.

Nordström, P. (2013). Taidehanke taidetapahtumana: Meidän perhe -hanke Euroopan unionin institutionaalisen kehikon tällä ja tuolla puolen. (Art project as an art event: Our Family project on this and that side of the institutional framework of European Union) Alue ja ympäristö 42 (1): 3–12.

Kymäläinen, P. & P. Nordström (2010). Temporary geographies of the city: The experienced spaces of asylum seekers in the City of Turku, Finland. Fennia 188 (1): 76–90.

Scientific publications

  • Hietala, Reija; Ijäs, Asko; Pikner, Tarmo; Kull, Anne; Printsmann, Anu; Kuusik, Maila; Fagerholm, Nora; Vihervaara, Petteri; Nordström, Paulina Emilia; Kostamo, Kirsi (2021). Data integration and participatory process in developing integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) in the northern Baltic Sea. Journal of Coastal Conservation. ISSN: 1400-0350. 25s 1 - 15. doi:10.1007/s11852-021-00833-4.
  • Arslan, E Seda; Nordström, Paulina Emilia; Ijäs, Asko; Hietala, Reija; Fagerholm, Nora (2021). Perceptions of Cultural Ecosystem Services: spatial differences in urban and rural areas of Kokemäenjoki, Finland. Landscape Research. ISSN: 0142-6397. 46 (6). s 828 - 844. doi:10.1080/01426397.2021.1907322.
  • Hautala, Johanna; Nordström, Paulina Emilia (2019). Creative city, mobility, and creativity: Finnish artists in Berlin. Mobilities. ISSN: 1745-0101. 14 (6). doi:10.1080/17450101.2019.1616445.

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