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Niri Ragnvald Johnsen

PhD Candidate

51108B ( Universitetsveien 51, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
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Historian, interested in 19th century political thought in and about the Scandinavian countries. Main fields of expertise includes Scandinavism, nation building processes and images and concepts about the press and the public sphere during the 1800s.

Currently, I am working on a thesis on political language in Scandinavian newspapers ca. 1810-1880, focussing on the highly contested concept of "public opinon".

Academic interests

  • History of political thought
  • Scandinavism 
  • Nationalism
  • History of Concepts
  • History of the press
  • Philhellenism


Affiliated researcher in the project "Nordic Civil Societies: Global, Transnational and Regional Encounters since 1800": https://www.uio.no/english/research/strategic-research-areas/nordic/research/research-groups/nordic-civil-societies/index.html

General outreach

Annual Conference of the Norwegian Association for Historical Research 2019

Oral session on historiography and nation building.

Niri Ragnvald Johnsen, "Scandinavism and Norwegian Nationality in the works and letters of P.A. Munch" (in Norwegian)

Dissemination piece on scandinavism in the booklet "Norden and Nordic cooperation" (in Norwegian)

Niri Ragnvald Johnsen, "Kva var skandinavismen?" i Temahefte for kunnskapstevlinga Kven veit? 2019: Norden og nordisk samarbeid: 20-21.

Scientific publications

  • Johnsen, Niri Ragnvald (2022). Internasjonale nettverk og skandinavistiske orienteringer.
  • Johnsen, Niri Ragnvald (2022). Norwegian Philhellenism - or Philhellenism in Norway?.
  • Johnsen, Niri Ragnvald (2020). "'Hvo kjender Opinionen': Rivaliserende oppfatninger om pressens politiske rolle i Skandinavia, ca. 1810-1880", paper til mediehistoriegruppen på Norsk Medieforskerlags digitale konferanse ved UiO, 22.-23. oktober 2020.
  • Johnsen, Niri Ragnvald (2019). "Kva var skandinavismen?" i Temahefte for kunnskapstevlinga Kven veit? : Norden og nordisk samarbeid (s. 20-21). Noregs Ungdomslag 2019..

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