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Nina Helene Jakobia Skogli

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

E2209 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Skogli, Nina Helene (2022). Affective uncertainty in Navaridas and Deutinger’s Your Majesties.
  • Skogli, Nina Helene (2022). There is a noise: En iscenesettelse av dokumenter og krigsminner.
  • Skogli, Nina Helene (2022). Thinking through affective uncertainty: What does it do, and how is it relevant to our contemporary moment?.
  • Langås, Unni; Böhnisch, Siemke; Røst, Andreas; Skogli, Nina Helene (2022). Hvordan kan krigsminner skape demokratisk bevissthet?.
  • Skogli, Nina Helene (2019). "Against all odds" by Fix & Foxy: Confronting the present through post-performance methods.
  • Skogli, Nina Helene Jakobia (2019). Post-performance methodology: In the intersection between audience reception research and theatre pedagogy.
  • Skogli, Nina Helene Jakobia (2018). Soft Eyes and Migratory Routes: Discussing dramaturgical strategies in a performance concerning politics of immigration.

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