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Nicha Lapanan

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

91244 ( Universitetsveien 19, Kristiansand )

Nicha Lapanan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Finance at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder (UiA). She holds a Ph.D. degree with specialization in Finance from Umeå University. 

Lapanan’s research interests include socially responsible investing, individual investors, mutual funds, stock return anomalies, information asymmetries and value-relevance of accounting information.

Courses and teaching

TFL401-1 Entrepreneurial Finance

BE-410-1 Corporate Finance

Selected publications

Lapanan, N. (2018). The investment behavior of socially responsible individual investors. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance70, 214-226.

Hellström, J., Lapanan, N., & Olsson, R. (2020). Socially responsible investments among parents and adult children. European Economic Review121, 103328.

Scientific publications


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