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Monica Strømland

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

C5022 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )
Office hours:

Master of Political Science (2015)

Researcher at Sørlandet Hospital (2016-2019)

PhD Research Fellow Department of Psychosocial Health (2017-2020)

Assistant Professor Department of Psychosocial Health (2020-)

Project Manager, Child Welfare Education, Department of sociology and social work (2020-)

Research interests

Philosophy of Social Justice - John Rawls and Martha C. Nussbaum

Children`s Rights

Human Rights

Child Welfare Services

Recovery as a methodological approach to improve mental health challenges 

Courses and teaching

Children`s Rights 

Human Rights 

Social Sciences 


The Convention on the Rights of the Child to protect Children worthy lives.

The aim of my research is to critically explore the perception of the Capability Theory developed by Martha Nussbaum. In what way(s) can the theory fill the gap between children’s rights and children’s lives. The research will be done in a Norwegian context, concerning exposed children and youth.


General outreach

Lørdagsuniversitetet: "Experiences with Bullying. How can we use painful experiences with bullying to do a better job and ensure all children and young people the right to education in a safe and good school environment?" (2018)

Interview: Children`s Rights - how are we doing? (2019)

Scientific publications

  • Strømland, Monica (2019). Barnets beste i lys av etisk teori.
  • Strømland, Monica (2019). Barns rettigheter - gjør vi nok?.
  • Strømland, Monica (2019). Har alle barn i Norge samme muligheter? Om barnekonvensjonen og barns rettigheter..
  • Strømland, Monica (2018). Digniyt in the name of Justice. Can dignity be protected within the frames of democracy?.
  • Strømland, Monica (2018). "Erfaringer med mobbing. Hvordan kan vi bruke smertefulle erfaringer med mobbing til å gjøre en bedre jobb og sikre alle barn og unge retten til læring i et trygt og godt skolemiljø?".

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