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Mathilde Elsa Christensen

PhD Research Fellow

PhD candidate

C4040 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

Through education and occupation I have thrived for international experience and believe that international collaboration gives a perspective on nursing that is vauable. I have done clinical training and have work experience from Thailand, Tanzania, Denmark and Greenland.

Fields of interest within nursing science are: Critical care nursing, Pediatric nursing, children as next of kin and family care, quality improvement, sociology, international coorporation, fundamentals of nursing care, nursing ethics and communication.


I am international director for the Norwegian critical care nurses (NSFLIS), Norwegian delegate in the European federation of critical care nurses association (EfCCNa), and director of research and development in the in the World federation of critical care nurses (WFCCN).


My background is a bachelor in Nursing from UCN North-Jutland from 2010, writing my bachelor thesis on breastfeeding difficulties and obesity. As an authorized nurse I gained work experience from the emergency room, the pediatric ward and emergency room, and the neonatal intensive care unit. Here my interest for critical care started, and I took the diploma in critical care in 2014, and then a masterdegree in critical care nursing from 2017 on the theme "Constipation in the critically ill patient". The masterdegree became a national guideline for constipation in the ICU. After finishing my masterdegree, I worked in the ICU until May 2020.

From May 2020 I was practicing as a assistant professor in the University of Agder, and from august 2021 I have been a PhD student with the project “Adolescents as Relatives in the ICU”, exploring adolescents and their experiences when a family member receives critical care in the ICU.

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