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Martina Comes


Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM)

Office hours:
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My Research

The transition to more and more digitalized societies is both an opportunity and a challenge. To support decision-makers in this new era of communication and collaboration my research aims at bridging the gap between formal analytic models and understandable, ready-to-use evaluations. My resarch aims at designing approaches, systems and tools that enable decision-makers to collect, process, communicate, share and evaluate data from various sources and to translate the data into information that they need to make informed decisions. To this end, I combine research in the field with a strong analytical background.


  • From communities to global disaster resilience
  • Decision support in crisis and emergency management - focus on Humanitarian Logistics
  • Risk management for critical infrastructure disruptions: vulnerability, interdependencies and cascading effects
  • Risk management, coordination and collaboration in complex supply networks

Areas of Interest

  • Decision support in complex situations
  • Measuring resilience and reliability of infrastructures and organizations
  • Serious games and training
  • Distributed decision-making and agent-based systems
  • Scenario management (prioritisation, filtering, pruning, updating)
  • Interdependent, dynamic and sequential decision-making
  • Cognitive biases and computer-based de-biasing techniques (visualisations, natural language report generation, reliability assessments)


Centre for Integrated Emergency Management


Aim: Improve group and team performance in Emergency Preparedness and Management with integrated systems for decision support and risk management through collective intelligence methods

EU Projects

Scientific Coordinator of the H2020 Project Smart Mature Resilience on Resilience in European Cities (funded under DRS-07-2014)

PI on Disaster Resilience for the H2020 COMRADES project creating a Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation (funded under ICT-10-2015)

Coordinator for the iTRACK project on Tracking and Protection of Civilian Humanitarian Missions (funded under BES-10-2015)

PI for Decision Support in the Demonstration Project Reaching Out, developing Systems for Large-Scale Crisis response (funded under DRS-03-2015)

Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management

Vice President of the ISCRAM Association

Conference Chair of ISCRAM2015 in Kristiansand

Creating disaster resilience - managing complexity

Are you prepared? Keynote on Disaster Resilience in Conference on "Crisis and Communication"

"When disaster strikes" Article in TEFT (in Norwegian)

Scientific publications

  • Palen, Leysia Büscher, Monika Comes, Tina Hughes, Amanda (2015). 12th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. ISBN: 978-82-7117-788-1. ISCRAM. s 984.
  • Comes, Martina Geldermann, Jutta Fiedrich, Frank Mueller, Tim Fortier, Stephen (2013). 10th International ISCRAM Conference 2013. Proceedings, Baden-Baden, Germany, 12-15 May 2013. ISBN: 978-3-923704-80-4. KIT. s 950.

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