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Marianne Goris

Project Manager

I am the project manager for Centre for research on public health and living conditions.

I hold a PhD in molecular biology from 2017 (University of Bergen), and have worked with biochemical research for several years. My main project experience is within research prosjects (RCN, EU and EEA), both in Norway (UiB and NORCE), but also in the US (University of Pennsylvania) and Spain (CSIC). I also teach molecular biology at the University of Bergen as an associate professor II.

Work experience

2022- Project manager - UiA

2021- Associate professor II - University of Bergen - Department of Biological Sciences

2019, 2020 Visiting Scholar - CSIC (Spain), Insitute of catalysis

2018-2022 Postdoctoral fellow - NORCE, Climate and Environment

2016-2017 Visiting scholar - Univeristy of Pennsylvania (USA), Perelman School of Medicine

2014-2017 PhD student - University of Bergen, Department of Molecular Biology

Selected publications

Goris M., Cea-Rama I., Puntervoll P., Ree R., Almendral D., Sanz-Aparicio J., Ferrer M., Bjerga GEK. (2023) Increased thermostability of an engineered flavin-containing monooxygenase to remediate trimethylamine in fish protein hydrolysates. Applied and Environmental Microbiology doi: 10.1128/aem.00390-23

Goris M., Puntervoll P., Rojo D., Claussen J., Larsen Ø., Garcia-Moyano A., Almendral D., Barbas C., Ferrer M., Bjerga GEK. (2020) Use of flavin-containing monooxygenases for conversion of trimethylamine in salmon protein hydrolysate. Applied and Environmental Microbiology doi: 10.1128/AEM.02105-20.

Rebowski G*., Boczkowska M*., Drazic A., Ree R., Goris M., Arnesen T. and Dominguez R. (2020) Mechanism of actin N-terminal acetylation. Science Advances 6, eaay8793

Aareskjold E., Grindheim AK., Hollås H., Goris M., Lillehaug JR and Vedeler A. (2019) Two tales of Annexin A2 knock-down: One of compensatory effects by antisense RNA and another of a highly active hairpin ribozyme. Biochemical Pharmacology 166, 253-263

Jacobsen R., Gavgani F., Edson A., Goris M., Altankhuyag A. and Lewis AE. (2019) Polyphosphoinositides in the nucleus: Roadmap of their effectors and mechanisms of interaction. Advances in Biological Regulation 72, 7-21

Goris M*., Magin R*., Foyn H*.,Myklebust L. M., Varland S., Ree R., Drazic A., Bhambra P., Støve S. I., Baumann M., Haug B. E.,  Marmorstein R and Arnesen T. (2018) Sturctural determinants and cellular environment define processed actin as the sole substrate of the N-terminal acetyltransfeerase Naa80 Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 115(17):4405-4410 doi: 10.1073/pnas.1719251115

Aksnes H*. and Goris M*., Strømland Ø., Drazic A., Waheed Q., Reuter N., Arnesen T. (2017) Molecular Determinants of the N-Terminal Acetyltransferase Naa60 Anchoring to the Golgi Membrane JBC. 292(16) 6821–6837 doi: 10.1074/jbc.M116.770362

Aksnes H., Van Damme P., Goris M., Starheim K.K., Marie M., Støve S. I., Hoel C., Kalvik T. V., Hole K., Glomnes N., Furnes C., Ljostveit S., Ziegler M., Niere M., Gevaert K., and Arnesen T. (2015) An Organellar Nα-Acetyltransferase, Naa60, Acetylates Cytosolic N Termini of Transmembrane Proteins and Maintains Golgi Integrity Cell Reports. 10, 1362–1374 

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