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Margarita Olnova

Assistant Professor

E2009 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Margarita is educated at the University of Oslo with an MA in “Translation studies” (Norwegian – Russian) and with a BA and MA in “Philology” (Swedish, Russian language and Russian literature) at the University of Petrozavodsk (Russia). She also has further professional education in “Norwegian as a Second Language”, “Interpreting in the Public Sector” (Norwegian – Russian) and “Special Education”. She has worked as a teacher in Norwegian Primary School and as a teacher in Russian as a Second Language in Russia.

Research interests

-  Multilingualism and translanguaging

-  Linguistic landscape

-  Didactic and language education


Multilingualism as a Resource? Multilingual pupils in Norwegian Primary Schools 

Scientific publications

  • Olnova, Margarita (2022). Flerspråklighet som en ressurs..
  • Olnova, Margarita (2021). From "dissemination of knowledge about other cultures" to "identity and cultural diversity" as one of the values for education.
  • Olnova, Margarita (2021). Deltakelse i Forsker Grand Prix 2021. https://video.uia.no/media/t/0_vz8unqf7 - video fra arrangementet. https://www.uia.no/nyheter/forsker-grand-prix-paa-kick-scene-23.-september https://www.uia.no/nyheter/vant-med-formidling-om-hjerteflimmer..
  • Wergeland, Birgitte; Olnova, Margarita (2021). "Om flerspråklighet som ressurs" - en podkast episode i "Klassens time" med Birgitte Wergeland (UiA).
  • Kubens, Valerie; Olnova, Margarita (2021). "Ikke alle barn får bruke språket sitt" https://www.fvn.no/magasin/i/66X2G8/faar-ikke-brukt-spraaket-sitt.
  • Wergeland, Birgitte; Olnova, Margarita (2021). Om flerspråklighet som ressurs med Margarita Olnova.

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