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Maren Songe Eriksen

Assistant Professor

A246 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 3, Grimstad )

Maren Songe Eriksen works as a PhD research fellow at the Department of Working Life and Innovation at the School of Business and Law at UiA. Her academic background is a master's degree in Innovation and knowledge development from the same institution, and wrote her master's dissertation in welfare technology in the public sector. Her professional interest is in economic geography and regional industrial development, and she is writing her doctoral dissertation as part of the project "Innovation policy for major societal challenges". This topic suits her well, given her general interest for societal structures and how to solve grand societal challenges, such as poverty, social inequality, and climate and environmental challenges in a sustainable and ethically sound way. 

Academic interests

Eriksen's research is focused on regional industrial development and innovation. She is particularly interested in how industries emerge and develop in different geographical contexts and what promotes or inhibits innovation activities in industries and their regional contexts. The research is mainly theoretically based case studies with the aim of developing concepts and theories that contribute to a better understanding of various aspects of regional development and innovation. Her most recent work adresses agency and asset modification processes as key factors for regional restructuring. 


Eriksen is writing her dissertation as part of the project "Innovation policy for major societal challenges". The project involves research on and dissemination of results on what innovation policy to meet climate challenges, an aging population and persistent social and geographical challenges can include and how such a policy can be implemented.

She is also part of the project "Regional Resilience and Sustainable Industrial Restructuring" which is a project with the purpose of mapping and explain the uneven economic resilience to the COVID-19 crisis in industries and regions. The project included researchers from multiple Norwegian universities as well as researchers from Utrecht University, the University of Vienna, Lund University and the University of Manchester. 

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