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Luis Perez Gonzalez


Professor of Translation Studies

E1065 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
By appointment

I am Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Agder, the first Norwegian institution to offer a dedicated taught postgraduate programme in translation, and a member of the Agder Forum for Translation Studies.

More information on my professional and academic background, including membership of various professional bodies, is available on my personal website.


Research interests

My research interests include audiovisual translation, the sociology of media translation and the wider interface between multimodality and translation in digital culture.

Having been a Co-Investigator on the AHRC-funded project Genealogies of Knowledge: The Evolution and Contestation of Concepts across Time and Space (2016-2020), I also draw on corpora to study how the meaning of key concepts in scientific discourse is being renegotiated by a range of actors in the public sphere.

Courses and teaching

MA course units

  • Grunnspørsmål i oversettelsesvitenskap

  • Forskningsmetoder for språkstudier, språkvitenskap og oversettelsesvitenskap

  • Selected Topics in English Linguistics

PhD courses

  • Forskningsmetoder i oversetterstudier

  • Forskning på literacy i utdanningskontekster

Work experience

Before joining Agder in August 2021, I was Professor of Translation Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies at the University of Manchester, UK.

Here ia a list of the academic positions I have held to date:

  • Professor of Translation Studies, University of Agder (2021-)
  • Professor of Translation Studies, University of Manchester (2016-2021)
  • Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Manchester (2009-2016)
  • Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Manchester (2004-2009)
  • Lecturer in Translation, Universidad Europea de Madrid (1996-2004)
  • Lector de español, University of Sheffield (1994-1996)

Between 1995 and 2004, I worked as a freelance translator mainly in the fields of audiovisual and financial translation for different firms and international organisations — including the European Parliament, European Commission, World Trade Organization, Organization for the Harmonization of the Internal Market, and Inter-American Investment Corporation.

Selected publications

I am the author of Audiovisual Translation: Theories, Methods and Issues (Routledge 2014), editor of the Routledge Handbook of Audiovisual Translation (2018), and co-editor on the Routledge Encyclopedia of Citizen Media (2021). I am Associate Editor of Target: International Journal of Translation Studies and Academic Director of the International Research School for Media Translation and Digital Culture organised by the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies at Shanghai International Studies University.

Scientific publications

  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2023). Context in Translation and Interpreting Studies. The Cambridge Handbook of Language in Context. ISBN: 9781108989275. Cambridge University Press. Chapter 17. s 371 - 392.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis; Baker, Mona (2023). The Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics (Volume Two). The Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics. ISBN: 978-0-367-53624-4. Routledge. Chapter 18. s 230 - 242.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2022). Subtitling Disinformation Narratives around COVID-19.‘Foreign’ Vlogging in the Construction of Digital Nationalism in Chinese Social Media. Unsettling Translation. ISBN: 9780367681968. Routledge. Chapter 15. s 232 - 247.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis; Baker, Mona; Blaagaard, Bolette; Jones, Henry (2021). The Routledge Encyclopedia of Citizen Media. ISBN: 9781138665569. Routledge. s 640.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2023). Multimodality in Conference Interpreting Studies: Implications for methodological development and design.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2023). Electrodermal Activity, Galvanic Skin Response and Haptic Feedback: Emerging Analytical Variables in Multimodal Translation Research.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2023). Fandom in Audiovisual Translation Research.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2023). Academic Director of 2023 International Research School for Media Translation and Digital Culture (MTDC).
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2023). Public Service Translation as a Blindspot in Norway’s Language Policy.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2022). Chinese Film in Translation.
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2022). Immaterial Media Translation and the Spectacularization of Disinformation in Digital Comment Culture(s).
  • Perez Gonzalez, Luis (2022). Multimodal Theory in Translation Studies Lecture Series.

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