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Linda Sørensen

PhD Research Fellow

Research interests

How can Humanoid Robots assist users with disabilities in activities of daily living?

- A qualitative study on user needs, perceived usefulness, acceptance and ease of use

Work experience

2006-2011 Occupational Therapist in wards for Spinal cord injury, multitrauma, neurology and burns - Sunnaas Hospital

2011- 2018 Occupational Therapist. Training of new employees, knowledge-based practice - Sunnaas Hospital

2018-2021 Head of The Technological Intervention Centre Sunnaas Hospital.  Responsible for services to patients using sensor technology, gaming technology and robotics - Sunnaas Hospital

2021- PhD Candidate UIA

Academic interests

Paient autonomy and empowerment 

Use of new technologies in healthcare

Sustainable health services

Welfare technology

Robotics for rehabilitation

Robotics as assistance for healthcare professionals and users


ARIS - Arm robotics in stroke rehabilitation. Initiated by the LHL stroke foundation. Funded by the DAM Foundation

ArmRobotikk i Slagrehabilitering (ARIS) - Sunnaas sykehus

HIRO - Human Interactive Robotics in Healthcare

Human Interactive Robotics for Healthcare - Sunnaas sykehus

Co-creation of an assistive robot for use in a Norwegian healthcare context

Supervisor: associate professor Hege Mari Johnsen, participating supervisors professor Åshild Slettebø and assistant professor Dag Tomas Sagen Johannesen.  The project is connected to Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, the research group HEQ, Health care services: Ethics and quality, the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Centre of e-health (www.uia.no/en/research/priority-research-centres/centre-for-ehealth), I4Helse (www.i4helse.no/), and The Centre for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services (USHT) in Agder (www.utviklingssenter.no/topmeny/english)

Selected publications

Sørensen L, Månum G (2019). A single-subject study of robotic upper limb training in the subacute phase for four persons with cervical spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord Ser Cases. 2019 Mar 12;5:29. doi: 10.1038/s41394-019-0170-3. eCollection 2019

Catz A ,Itzkovich M, Elkayam K, Michaeli D , Gelernter I, Benjamini Y,Singh H, Luigi Tesio MD ,Engel-Haber E , Bizzarini E, Pilati C, Popolo GD, Baroncini I,Liu N, Margalho P, Soeira TP, Chandy B, Joshi M, Lemay J, Curran D, Leiulfsrud AS, Sørensen L,Biering-Sorensen, KesiktasN PhD ,Osman A, BluvshteinV (2021). Reliability validity and responsiveness of the spinal cord independence measure 4th version in a multicultural setup. ACRM PII: S0003-9993(21)01423-4 DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apmr.2021.07.811 

Scientific publications

  • Catz, Amiram; Itzkovich, Malka; Rozenblum, Rotem; Elkayam, Keren; Kfir, Adi; Tesio, Luigi; Chhabra, Harvinder Singh; Michaeli, Dianne; Zeilig, Gabi; Engel-Haber, Einat; Bizzarini, Emiliana; Pilati, Claudio; Stigliano, Salvatore; Merafina, Marcella; Del Popolo, Giulio; Righi, Gabriele; Bonavita, Jacopo; Baroncini, Ilaria; Liu, Nan; Xing, Huayi; Margalho, Paulo; Campos, Ines; Riberto, Marcelo; Soeira, Thabata Pasquini; Chandy, Bobeena; Tharion, George; Joshi, Mrinal; Lemay, Jean-François; Laramée, Marie-Thérèse; Curran, Dorothyann; Leiulfsrud, Annelie; Sørensen, Linda; Biering-Sørensen, Fin; Poder, Henrik Hagen; Kesiktas, Nur; Burgess-Collins, Lisa; Edwards, Jayne; Osman, Aheed; Bluvshtein, Vadim (2023). A multi-center international study on the spinal cord independence measure, version IV: Rasch psychometric validation. Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine (JSCM). ISSN: 1079-0268. doi:10.1080/10790268.2023.2183334.
  • Johansen, Truls Sveløkken; Sørensen, Linda; Kolskår, Knut-Kristian; Strøm, Vegard; Wouda, Matthijs Ferdinand (2023). Effectiveness of robot-assisted arm exercise on arm and handfunction in stroke survivors- A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering. ISSN: 2055-6683. 10 (1-18). doi:10.1177/20556683231183639.
  • Catz, Amiram; Itzkovich, Malka; Elkayam, Keren; Michaeli, Dianne; Gelernter, Ilana; Benjamini, Yoav; Chhabra, Harvinder Singh; Tesio, Luigi; Engel-Haber, Einat; Bizzarini, Emiliana; Pilati, Claudio; Popolo, Giulio Del; Baroncini, Ilaria; Liu, Nan; Margalho, Paulo; Soeira, Thabata Pasquini; Chandy, Bobeena; Joshi, Mrinal; Lemay, Jean-Francois; Curran, Dorothyann; Leiulfsrud, Annelie; Sørensen, Linda; Biering-Sorensen, Fin; Kesiktas, Nur; Osman, Aheed; Bluvshtein, Vadim (2021). Reliability Validity and Responsiveness of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure 4th Version in a Multicultural Setup. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. ISSN: 0003-9993. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2021.07.811.
  • Sørensen, Linda; Månum, Grethe (2019). A single-subject study of robotic upper limb training in the subacute phase for four persons with cervical spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord Series and Cases. ISSN: 2058-6124. 5 (29). s 1 - 9. doi:10.1038/s41394-019-0170-3.

Research groups

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