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E1054 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

2011   Reader/Associate Professor in Psycholinguistics.

           University of Birmingham, UK

2000   Senior Lecturer.

           University of Birmingham, UK

1993   Lecturer. University of Birmingham, UK

1990   Scientific Staff Member.

           Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics, NL.

1989   PhD in Experimental Psycholinguistics.

           University of Cambridge.

1985   MA Honours in Psychology and Linguistics.

           University of Edinburgh.

Academic interests

I have a background in experimental psycholinguistics and theoretical linguistics. I am interested in the representation of language structure and how it affects language processing. Much of my research focuses on language production, in particular, the processes underlying the generation of spoken sentences. I investigate the incremental planning of prosodic, lexical, and syntactic structure, using reaction time, eye-tracking, and EEG paradigms. I also investigate the effects of healthy aging on such processes. My interest in the sound structure of language, has led me to investigate role of phonological representations in silent reading. I am also interested in the representation of morphological structure in the adult mental lexicon and have investigated the role of morphological complexity in English word reading. More recently, I have become interested in bilingualism in particular in the sentence planning, reading, and translation of English as a second language.

I teach on the English BA where I give courses on English morphology and syntax. I also teach on the English MA, offering courses on psycholinguistics, bilingualism and language acquisition.

Scientific publications

  • Poulisse, Charlotte; Wheeldon, Linda Ruth; Segaert, Katrien (2019). Evidence Against Preserved Syntactic Comprehension in Healthy Aging. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory and Cognition. ISSN: 0278-7393. doi:10.1037/xlm0000707.
  • Hardy, Sophie; Wheeldon, Linda Ruth; Segaert, Katrien (2019). Structural priming is determined by global syntax rather than internal phrasal structure: Evidence from young and older adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory and Cognition. ISSN: 0278-7393. doi:10.1037/xlm0000754.
  • Wheeldon, Linda Ruth; Schuster, Swetlana; Pliatsikas, Christos; Malpass, Debra; Lahiri, Aditi (2018). Beyond decomposition: Processing zero-derivations in English visual word recognition. Cortex. ISSN: 0010-9452. doi:10.1016/j.cortex.2018.09.003.
  • Segaert, Katrien; Lucas, Samuel J.E.; Burley, Claire V.; Segaert, Pieter; Milner, AE; Ryan, M; Wheeldon, Linda Ruth (2018). Higher physical fitness levels are associated with less language decline in healthy ageing. Scientific Reports. ISSN: 2045-2322. 8 (1). doi:10.1038/s41598-018-24972-1.
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  • Mangersnes, Malin Toften; Wetterlin, Allison Louise; Wheeldon, Linda Ruth (2019). Bilingual language control and articulation - Relating articulatory measures and self-reported proficiency to language switching behaviour.

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