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Lene Cherize Haugland Sirevåg

PhD Research Fellow

PhD research fellow at department of education

E1101D ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Lene C. H Sirevåg has since 2019 been a research fellow at the department of education, Faculty for the humanities and education as the University of Agder. Lene is a phd research fellow within the project Democratic Moblization (Demo). The «Democratic Mobilization» (DEMO) at the University of Agder is focusing on democracy’s role in pedagogy and education in order to get democracy back on the agenda.

JURE coordinator for SIG13, Moral and Democratic education, an interest group within European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)


Master i Education, youth and child studies (2012) Kings College London University. London, United Kingdom. 

PhD  in Education (finish spring 2023). University of Agder 

PhD study: Democratic practices in school. Children's democratic subjectification in moments of disturbances. 

Research interests

  • MORAL and DEMOCRATIC education
  • Cultivation and educational philosophy 
  • Educational theory
  • Pedagogy and teaching
  • Critical pedagogy and theory 
  • Ethnography and qualitative reserach 
  • Affect theory and rhythmanalysis 
  • Institutional theory 

Courses and teaching

Lene teaches in a wide range of different courses. Including Comparative educational studies. She  is additionally course responsible for courses in pedagogy in Teacher education for bilingual teachers,  .


Work experience

Projects in Norway and internationally working with children's rights and childrens democratic participation in different parts of the welfare system, especially in respect of school and education. Both directly in contact with children and more systemic approaches. 

Teaching in higher education, University of Agder. 

Arrangement of national and interational conferences. Most recent: Academic conference: EARLI SIG13 Conference 2022

Academic interests

Moral and democratic education 



Pedagogical institutions 


Democratic mobilization – Democracy on education’s agenda


PhD study: 

Democratic practices in school. Childrens democratic subjectification in moments of disturbance. 

Ethnographic study targeting children in a primary school. 

General outreach

  • Cronicle june 2022 in local newspaper "Fædrelandsvennen": 

Listening to children's voices is a demanding pedagogical practice (Title translated from Norwegian)


Scientific publications

  • Sirevåg, Lene Cherize Haugland (2022). Children’s Laughter in the primary classroom - a corporal event as part of a ´democracy to come ´.
  • Sirevåg, Lene Cherize Haugland; Menning, Soern Finn (2022). Children’s Laughter in the primary classroom - a corporal event as part of a ´democracy to come ´.
  • Sirevåg, Lene Cherize Haugland (2021). Space for childrens agency in moments of disturbance, an ethnographic study of democratic practices in school.

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