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Lena Hansen Malnes

PhD Research Fellow

Research Fellow in Health- and Sport science

I3036 ( Universitetsveien 1, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
8 am to 4 pm

Active travel and physical activity among adolescents is the main topic in my PhD project. My PhD is a part of a larger, more comprehensive research project called School In Motion (ScIM). We aim to investigate whether increased school-based physical activity among pupils in the 9th grade can influence the share of active travellers (such as walking or cycling) to school. Also, we are investigating the factors and characteristics among the pupils who change their travel habits and who sustain them. Knowing more about the target population makes us more able to design effective interventions to increase environmentally friendly means of transport, involving regular physical activity. At the moment, we are analysing the data and presenting the results in media, conferences and congress (please contact me if you want to write or talk about our work).

Earlier on, I took a masters degree in public health science where I immersed myself in the topic “E-bikes and health effect”. More specifically, I wrote a master thesis about the effect of an e-bike intervention on cardiorespiratory fitness.

Before that, I have worked as a clinical nurse for about three years at a hospital with lung patients, and at a health care centre for older adults.


  • School in Motion 

Position: Research fellow

Tasks: Plan, educate and implement the intervention, coordinate and collect data

Research institutions: University of Agder, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, University of Stavanger and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

  • E-biking and cardiorespiratory fitness

Position: Master student

Tasks: Participate in data collection, analyse data and write master thesis

Research institutions: University of Agder, University of Bergen and University of Stavanger

  • Physical activity and e-biking

Position: Science assistant

Tasks: Write/drafting article manuscript

Research institutions: University of Agder

Scientific publications

  • Kubens, Valerie; Malnes, Lena (2021). Hvordan skal vi få flere barn og unge til å gå og sykle til skolen?.
  • Åvitsland, Andreas; Leibinger, Eva; Lerum, Øystein; Malnes, Lena; Solberg, Runar Barstad; Dyrstad, Sindre Mikal (2018). Sammenhengen mellom fysisk form og psykisk helse hos norske 13-14-åringer.
  • Malnes, Lena Hansen; Lobben, Stian Ellingsen; Bere, Elling; Tjelta, Leif Inge; Kristoffersen, Morten; Mildestvedt, Thomas; Berntsen, Sveinung (2016). How access to an E-bike affects amount and patterns of bicycle use in inactive Norwegian adults: A pilot study..

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