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Lena Hansen Malnes

PhD Research Fellow

Research Fellow in Health- and Sport science

I3036 ( Universitetsveien 1, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
8 am to 4 pm

I am currently engaged in an exciting doctoral program in Health and Sports Science. My research- and clinical experience has provided me with a broad knowledge base, allowing me to explore various areas within the healthcare sector and public health research field.

My background:

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Clinical Nurse
  • Master in Public Health Science
  • Research Assistant
  • Ph.D. in Health and Sports Science

My current research:

The overarching theme of my thesis is adolescence physical activity, with a specific focus on active travel. We investigate factors influencing whether adolescence walk or bike to and from school. As part of a larger, multi-centre research project called "School In Motion" (ScIM), we examine how physical education and school-based physical activity influence adolescents travel habits to school. We also aim to identify determinants that contribute to adolescent’s travel habits, particularly in their local environments and around schools. This information is derived from geographic mapping data. The research has the potential to contributed to effective strategies for increasing the use of environmentally friendly transportation methods that also involve regular physical activity.

My previous research:

During my master's program, I delved into the topic of "E-biking among inactive Norwegian adults." In this project, I was part of a larger collaboration involving University of Agder, University of Bergen and University of Stavanger, where we investigated the extent to which participants cycled to work when provided with e-bikes. We also explored whether cycling with the e-bike could improve the physical fitness of individuals who typically did not cycle to work. Our findings showed a roughly 7% improvement in participants' physical fitness over the 8 months of having an e-bike at disposal

My nursing practice:

As a nurse, I have worked with diverse patient groups, primarily older adults and elderly patients, with one or more chronic conditions—both in hospitals and healthcare centers. At the healthcare center, I was part of an interdisciplinary team, contributing to needs assessment and applications for community health services. My clinical experience has given me valuable insights into living with chronic conditions. Additionally, my experience in interdisciplinary teams and healthcare service assessment has provided me with a holistic perspective on patient care.

Future prospects:

I am looking forward to continuing my work in research and knowledge development related to healthy lifestyle habits. My aim is to contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases and other health-related issues by promoting physical activity among the population.


If you are interested in my work or wish to collaborate or explore possibilities, please feel free to reach out. I am available for a conversation via email or mobile (work phone is not in use). Until then! :)



  • School in Motion 

Position: Research fellow

Tasks: Plan, educate and implement the intervention, coordinate and collect data

Research institutions: University of Agder, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, University of Stavanger and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

  • E-biking and cardiorespiratory fitness

Position: Master student

Tasks: Participate in data collection, analyse data and write master thesis

Research institutions: University of Agder, University of Bergen and University of Stavanger

  • Physical activity and e-biking

Position: Science assistant

Tasks: Write/drafting article manuscript

Research institutions: University of Agder

Scientific publications

  • Malnes, Lena (2022). Tre grunner til å velge aktiv transport.
  • Kubens, Valerie; Malnes, Lena (2021). Hvordan skal vi få flere barn og unge til å gå og sykle til skolen?.
  • Åvitsland, Andreas; Leibinger, Eva; Lerum, Øystein; Malnes, Lena; Solberg, Runar Barstad; Dyrstad, Sindre Mikal (2018). Sammenhengen mellom fysisk form og psykisk helse hos norske 13-14-åringer.

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