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Konrad Mikal Øhrn

Professor Emeritus


K3021 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:

Was born in Tromsø on 22 January 1950.

Started music studies in 1965 at the music conservatory in Oslo. The well known pianist Jarle Sørå was the primary piano teacher.

Have been solist in Griegs a-minor pianoconcerto with the Bergen Opera Orchestra.

Studied further composition with Johan Kvandal and Egil Hovland for years.

Got promotion to associate professor in 1993 in the field of composition and music theory, and personal promotion to professor in classical composition at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, in 2011.

Won Kjerulfprisen in 1995 in the national competition for best male choir composition. The competition was announced by the University of Oslo.

Now teaches composition at the Institute for classical music and music pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts, University of Agder, where I have worked since 1990.

Academic interests

Harmony theory, Composition , Conducting


Last premieres:

      1) Norwegian Fantasy. For EPTA’s international piano competition at Norwegian Music Academy, Oslo. Duo piano: Tamara Movsisyan and Tigran Berkelyan.

      2) Piano concerto. 1st movement of Piano concerto scored for Piano, Strings and Timpani. Mariam kharatyan solist together with students and staff at the music department at the University of Sarajevo.

      3) Awakening Piano. For the international piano competition in Orleans, France. Solist: Marianna Abrahamyan.

      4) Concerto for two flutes and strings at the University of Agder, and also performed by Kristiansand Symfonic Orchestra at Kilden.

      5)  A Passion Service, for solists, choir and organ, performed at Søm church, Kristiansand.

Polish and Norwegian Composers, CD innspilt i Poznan, Polen:

     1) Zarabanda for klarinett, cello og klaver.

     2) Trio for flute, fiolin og cello.

     3) Concerto for two flutes and strings

Scientific publications

  • Øhrn, Konrad Mikal (2006). Korledelse Om motivasjon og metode for kordirigenter. ISBN: 8292494073. Cantando Musikkforlag. s 130.
  • Eidsaa, Randi Margrethe; Øhrn, Konrad Mikal (2018). The Music Performance Marianne N Narratives.
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