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Katja Haaversen-Westhassel Skjølberg

Associate Professor

HU019 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Courses and teaching


Lecturer and supervisor of the Bachelor's program in political science, primarily within international politics. Also teaches social sciences didactics at PPU and in lecturer education, as well as mentors teacherstudents in their bachelor's and master's theses.

Academic interests

Globalization and international politics; conflict and peace issues; radicalization, terrorism and violent extremism; social science method; varied teaching and active learning; professional didactics in social sciences; social science, democracy and education; school and social science as an arena for the prevention of radicalization.


Ongoing research projects:

  • Social studies in practice - and students as reseachers, 2021-22, by Katja H-W Skjølberg og Irene Trysnes 
  • The "Battle of Ideas" - the school as an arena for the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, by Katja H-W Skjølberg, Irene Trysnes
  • Learning by doing - an analysis of the use of role-play in teaching social science with Irene Trysnes (UiA)

Scientific publications

  • Trysnes, Irene; Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2020). Hva, hvordan, hvorfor? En studie av norske lærere og elevers erfaringer med lekser i samfunnsfag. Nordidactica. ISSN: 2000-9879. 10 (4). s 36 - 59.
  • Skjølberg, Katja; Lia, Brynjar (2004). Warum es zu Terrorismus kommt - Ein Überblick über Theorien und Hypothesen zu den Ursachen des Terrorismus. ?. 6 (1). s 121 - 163.
  • Skjølberg, Katja (2001). Etnisk mangfold, legitimitet og konflikt: Mønstre i vesteuropeisk separatisme 1950-95 Ethnic Pluralism, Legitimacy and Conflict: West-European Separatism 1950-95. Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift. ISSN: 0801-1745. 17 (3). s 322 - 345.
  • Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2020). Det internasjonale samfunnet og krigen i Syria - Folkerettens moralske dilemma.
  • Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2020). Om krigen i Syria - hva, hvem, hvor, hvorfor, hvordan?.
  • Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2020). Folkeretten og menneskerettighetenes stilling i internasjonal politikk.
  • Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel; Trysnes, Irene (2020). Læreres erfaringer med og håndtering av ekstreme ytringer i klasserommet.
  • Trysnes, Irene; Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2019). Leksepraksis i samfunnsfag.
  • Trysnes, Irene; Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2019). Ståa i samfunnsfag. Leksepraksis i samfunnsfag..
  • Trysnes, Irene; Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2018). Klasseromsforskning - samfunnsfag i praksis.
  • Skjølberg, Katja Haaversen-Westhassel (2017). «Kvalitetsmeldingen – Current Status and Ongoing Challenges in Norway».

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